Embracing Sustainable Tree Care Practices in Southlake

Date April 29, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Many homeowners want to plant new trees on their property but are unsure how to go about the process. Learning sustainable tree care practices can help them find native trees that are more likely to thrive in the Southlake, Texas, heat. This article will discuss sustainable tree care in Southlake, including how appropriate practices can contribute to a healthier urban forest.

What Are Sustainable Tree Care Practices?

Image via Unsplash by Bryan Dickerson

Sustainable tree care practices focus on choosing the right trees for the local environment. This often means choosing trees that are native to the area, not ones that are simply aesthetically pleasing once they mature. Choosing native trees can help an urban forest thrive because the trees have already adapted to the unique weather patterns and soil of the area. This can reduce maintenance requirements over the long term.

Importance of Sustainable Tree Care Practices

Trees are one of the major contributing factors to being able to combat the greenhouse gas effect, as they store carbon dioxide and release life-giving oxygen into the air. This promotes cleaner and healthier air, not only for humans but for the rest of the creatures that rely on clean air to thrive. Other benefits of healthy, native trees include:

  • Improved local biodiversity.
  • Reduced soil erosion.
  • Filtered stormwater.
  • Lowered watering requirements.

Home or property owners who have native, healthy trees on their land can also experience the following benefits:

  • Fewer tree removal costs: Native trees are more resistant to local tree diseases and less likely to start dying. This can help homeowners save on tree care and tree removal costs.
  • Improved property value: Many buyers want an aesthetically appealing home. Having strong, healthy trees contributes to the look of the home, which can boost property values.
  • Potentially lower energy costs: Having trees to shade a home, especially during grueling Texan summers, can potentially reduce cooling costs. Shade is a natural way to beat the heat and can drastically impact the inside temperature of a home.

How Sustainable Practices Promote a Healthier Urban Forest

Native trees require less water and additional soil nutrients to thrive, allowing other trees to get the water and nutrients they need to thrive. Since native trees are more resistant to local tree diseases than non-native species, an urban forest is less likely to suffer from diseases or pests that might invade forests made up of non-native trees.

Prioritizing an urban forest’s health means considering sustainable tree care practices. Selecting plants and trees that are native to the Southlake area can not only improve the health of the plants and trees on a property, but it can also save homeowners’ wallets big time. If you need help deciding what trees are perfect for your property, or simply want to know more about the soil health of your land, give the experts a call at TreeNewal. Our team of ISA-certified experts are here to help you with all things tree-related to help your urban forest thrive.