The Role of Professional Tree Services in Maintaining Healthy Post Oaks in Dallas

Date August 18, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

The post oak tree is a stunning species native to Texas that thrives in warm, dry climates. While these trees look beautiful, they can be difficult to maintain, especially for homeowners with no experience of caring for trees. Because of this, it can be beneficial to hire a professional tree care service to maintain post oak trees in residential areas. Here’s some further information about arranging post oak care in Dallas, Texas.

Trimming Post Oak Trees

One of the key aspects of caring for post oaks is trimming them effectively. Most post oaks don’t require frequent trimming or pruning so won’t need professional care very often. However, professional pruning is important, as the removal of dead or weakened branches can help these trees stay healthy. It’s often best to refrain from scheduling a pruning or trimming service for these trees from February through June, as doing so at this time may increase the chances of them developing diseases, such as oak wilt fungus.

Watering Post Oak Trees

Another important aspect of post oak maintenance is ensuring the tree doesn’t become overwatered. Since post oaks prefer dry soil that drains easily, overwatering can cause disease and stress to the tree’s health. A professional tree care company can inspect a post oak and determine its watering needs, helping it thrive, and saving time. While there are many ways to save an overwatered tree, it’s best to ensure post oaks never need this care by using the correct watering schedules from the start.

Construction and Post Oak Trees

Image via Flickr by USFWS Fish and Aquatic Conservation

Many trees struggle to thrive near construction sites, and post oaks are no different. Nearby development can harm the species by damaging the branches, trunk, or root system. This is why it’s important to hire professionals to care for post oaks growing near such locations, as these experts can identify damage and suggest recovery strategies.

Tree professionals can also help prevent further damage by suggesting ways to protect the tree from the effects of construction. These might include labeling the root system below the canopy so construction crews know not to disturb that part of the ground. Experts may also mark nearby shrubs or trees that shield the post oaks to prevent construction teams removing these plants and causing further damage.

Let TreeNewal Help With Post Oak Maintenance

These are several reasons why it’s best to leave the maintenance of post oak trees to the professionals. For tree trimming and pruning, pest control, and other help with caring for this species, turn to a professional tree care company like TreeNewal. To learn more about our services, contact us so our team can answer your questions and start preserving the beauty of your post oak trees.