Plant Growth Regulator For Dallas Tree Health

Explore the numerous health benefits plant growth regulator can offer your trees.


Cambistat is a popular tree growth regulator that slows the growth of trees. It is used by our tree care experts to extend trim cycles, increase the longevity of trees in stressful conditions, and improve the safety of your residential or commercial property. Tree growth regulator can also encourage tree nutrition by triggering secondary health benefits.


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We offer tree care services to homeowners and commercial property managers in Dallas, TX. Our mission is to serve Dallas trees and our beloved community. In addition to applying plant growth regulator to nurture tree health, we also offer a vast range of plant health services to Dallas homeowners and commercial property owners.


Our tree care experts know how to effectively use a tree growth regulator, like Cambistat, to achieve outstanding results for your plant health.

Growth control – the primary use of tree growth regulators is to control the growth of trees. By inhibiting the production of hormones that promote cell division and growth, the tree grows slower, making it easier to control the size and shape of the tree.

Increase fine root density – fine roots absorb water and nutrients in the soil. Cambistat can improve tree nutrition by giving trees time to increase the density of fine root systems, leading to higher absorption rates and a healthier tree.

Increase the lifespan of stressed trees – trees growing in stressful conditions from disease, pests, and urban environments like Dallas can benefit from Cambistat. Slowing tree growth enables the tree to put more energy into developing a strong root system and resistance to these stressors for enhanced tree health.

Increase drought & heat tolerance – we know Dallas trees are stressed by the prolonged summer heat. By slowing the evaporation of water from the leaves of mature trees, Dallas tree services use Cambistat to improve tree health and develop resistance to heat stress and drought.

Reduced property damage – when a tree is first planted, the size of the full-grown tree is often underestimated. Our tree care experts use Cambistat to prolong tree growth so you can prevent issues that may impact safety and threaten structures. Our tree care services will also help you maintain the integrity of your residential or commercial property if the tree outgrows the available space.


As a sustainable tree care service, we use eco-friendly plant growth regulators to promote the overall health and natural beauty of your landscape, as well as protecting your home or commercial property. Our ISA-Certified Arborists know how and when to apply Cambistat to provide the best tree nutrition for your trees.

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When you need Dallas tree health services, you need industry-leading professionals who have the experience and skills necessary to effectively use tree growth regulator for trees in Dallas, TX. Our ISA-Certified arborists know how to achieve the best results for your trees. Start right with professional Dallas tree health services today!

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