The Benefits of Using a Plant Growth Regulator on Trees

Date May 22, 2022


Author TreeNewal Staff

When it comes to the health of your trees, using a plant growth regulator like Cambistat can offer some major benefits. By using Cambistat, you can help regulate your tree’s growth and promote healthy development. This in turn can help your tree resist pests and diseases and make it better able to withstand environmental stresses. So, if you are looking for ways to improve the health of your trees, using Cambistat may be a great option for you.

What is a Plant Growth Regulator

A plant growth regulator is a type of chemical that helps to control the growth of plants. It works by inhibiting the production of auxins, which are hormones that promote cell division and growth. This results in the tree growing more slowly, which makes it easier to control the size and shape of the tree.

What is Cambistat?

Cambistat is a popular tree growth regulator that slows the vegetative growth of trees. Cambistat is used by arborists as the last step in the pruning process as a way to extend trim cycles, extend the useful life of the tree, and improve safety. Cambistat is also used to promote healthier trees by triggering secondary health benefits.

Why Do Trees Need Growth Control?

One primary reason for tree growth control is the availability of resources. Cambistat can help to keep a tree small, which means it will need less water, nutrients, and space in the soil. This can be beneficial in areas where resources are limited.

Another reason for tree growth control is that when a tree is planted while it is young, its fully mature size is commonly underestimated. They often end up being planted too close to other things in their surroundings like houses, power lines, and other trees it may end up competing with for resources. Cambistat Growth Regulator can help keep the tree from growing so large it begins interfering with these other structures and potentially putting your property in danger.

Health Benefits of Using Growth Regulator on Trees

In addition to growth control, grow regulator can also be used to:

  • Increase the longevity of trees growing in stressful conditions

Trees that are under stress from disease, pests, or environmental conditions can benefit from the use of Cambistat. By slowing the growth of the tree, Cambistat allows the tree to put more energy into developing a strong root system and defenses against all those stressors.

  • Increase fine root density

Fine roots are responsible for absorbing water and nutrients from the soil. Cambistat can help increase the density of fine roots, which leads to a higher absorption rate and ultimately to a healthier tree.

  • Improve drought and heat resistance

Cambistat can help improve a tree’s resistance to drought and heat stress by slowing the evaporation of water from the leaves.

  • Increase disease resistance

Cambistat can help trees to develop a stronger resistance to diseases by slowing the growth of the tree. This allows the tree to put more energy into developing immunity to diseases.

  • Reduce the effects of urban tree stress

Trees growing in urban areas are often under stress from pollution, traffic, and other environmental conditions. Cambistat can help reduce the effects of these stresses by slowing the growth of the tree.

If you are looking for ways to improve the health of your trees, using Cambistat may be a great option for you. Cambistat is a plant growth regulator that can offer some major benefits when it comes to the health and condition of your trees. Contact TreeNewal today to learn more about how we can help you grow healthy and strong trees with Cambistat!

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