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When it comes to a tree’s health, we tend to focus on the part of the tree that we can see above ground. We see green leaves and assume that means the tree is healthy. It can be easy to forget that what’s happening out of sight is vital to a tree’s continued growth, strength, and vitality. If you want healthy trees, then you need to start by creating healthy soil. Managing soil health isn’t something you can do once and then brush off your hands and never touch again. Soil conditions need to be monitored and maintained. Ensuring your landscape is getting the nutrients it needs is an important part of supplemental tree maintenance programs offered by our experts here at TreeNewal.


About TreeNewal

Our DFW tree services company provides professional tree care throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. As ISA Certified Arborists, we’re specifically trained to test and support the health and balance of your soil. When you need tree service near Dallas, you can trust our ISA Certified Arborists.

Our Services

  • Assessing Tree Health – Trees can catch fungal infections or become infested with pests. If you suspect tree disease or tree infestation on your property, our arborists can come to your property to assess tree health, determine the problem, and formulate a treatment plan.


  • Tree TrimmingTree pruning is an important part of annual tree care. Trimming trees make sure they stay healthy and helps shape trees. Whether you need seasonal trimming or tree pruning because you have dead, diseased, or damaged tree limbs, our arborists can help.


  • Tree Nutrition – Our tree experts know the best ways to nourish your trees, and use our special blend of fertilizer to do just that. Additionally, we can perform root aeration to improve tree health and airflow.


  • Tree Installation – Planting new trees and transferring existing ones is one of the important tree services we offer. Trees need to be planted or transferred according to specific instructions depending on their species. Our tree experts know all about the trees that grow in North Texas and how to install or transfer trees on your property.


  • Tree Removal – We’re here to help by performing tree cutting if you have a tree that is dead, leaning, fallen, or needs to be removed to make way for a property improvement project.


  • Tree Emergency Response Team – In addition to performing regular tree care, we respond to tree emergencies too. If your tree has fallen or is about to fall, we can come to your property to take care of the issue.

Why Choose Us?

As Dallas arborists, we have both the professional training and on-the-job experience at providing tree nutrition. If you need Dallas post oak tree services, you can trust our team at TreeNewal to provide you with professional tree care.

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When you need Dallas tree services, you need professionals who have experience with tree nutrition and soil health. Our Dallas arborists are perfect for this job. Schedule professional tree care today by calling us at 817-533-8438

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