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Denton Tree Removal Services

Sick trees are liabilities on your property. You never know when a sick tree will lose a branch, which could fall on a home, vehicle, or person. Don’t hesitate to get in touch about a tree removal service near Denton. Our tree doctors are happy to evaluate your sick tree and determine what your best option is. Sometimes it’s best to take it down safely before it falls on its own. Whenever you need tree removal services, we’ll be happy to take care of everything for you–stump and all.


About TreeNewal

In order to avoid future tree removal, our ISA Certified Arborists can help you with professional tree care such as correct tree pruning and tree trimming services that keep your trees healthy and your property safe. Denton Arborists can determine whether your sick tree needs to see a tree doctor for tree nutrition services, if a tree surgeon should come in to perform correct tree trimming, or if tree removal would be the best solution for your property.

Our DFW Tree Services

Our Denton arborists provide a wide variety of professional tree services. We help local homeowners and commercial properties with:

Emergency Tree Services – Storms with heavy winds often create tree emergencies, and our Denton Arborists are not far away to help. If you have a storm-damaged tree with several broken limbs or a tree that has fallen, we can come to your property to stabilize the situation with tree removal services.

Tree Removal – Among the most requested DFW tree services are tree removal services, and we can take care of everything from branches to the stump.

Post Oak Tree Care – We pride ourselves in serving Denton with post oak tree services. As Denton Arborists, we’re trained to provide professional tree care, and we specialize in the tree species native to our community.

Tree Doctors – If you suspect you have sick trees, our tree doctors can help. We can perform a full tree health assessment to determine what is making your trees sick, and what we can do to help it recover. If we discover a fungal tree disease, we can create a nutrition plan to nourish it back to health. And if your tree is infested with pests, we treat it with environmentally responsible insect control.

Tree Nutrition – All trees need to be nourished so that they stay healthy and grow. Our Denton Arborists have the perfect solution for local homeowners and commercial properties. We make our own special blend of tree fertilizer, that’s sure to keep your trees happy and healthy.

Root Aeration – Our ISA Certified Arborists find that root aeration services help your trees thrive even when they’re planted in compact soil. Aerating the soil helps bring more nutrients to your trees and encourages their roots to grow deeper into the ground, which stabilizes your tree.

Correct Tree Pruning – Our tree surgeons offer tree trimming services to remove dead tree limbs, broken tree limbs, promote proper tree growth, and give trees a great-looking shape. To best protect your trees from tree diseases and pest infestations, we provide our tree trimming services from mid to late fall through early spring when trees are in the dormant season.

Why Choose Us

Your safety is our top priority. When it comes to tree removal, nobody can get the job done as quickly and safely as an ISA Certified Arborist. As Denton Arborists, we specialize in helping all trees thrive in the unique climate of Northern Texas, and nobody knows local plant species such as post oak trees like your fellow locals.

Our Commitment To Quality

We provide Denton with excellent tree services, and that includes great customer service. We take pride in serving the Denton community. It means the world to us when you feel you can rely on us to take care of all your tree removal and tree service needs.


When you need Denton tree removal services, work with professionals who can keep your property safe and your trees healthy. Schedule professional tree care today by calling us at 817-533-8438


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