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Tree Leaf Spots?

Dark or colored spots on your tree’s leaves are often the first warning sign that homeowners and property managers like you have to tell them they’re dealing with tree disease. Our Denton tree doctors – who are ISA-Certified Arborists – can assess tree health and put together a plan to save your diseased tree, which may have a fungal or bacterial infection.

We also act as tree surgeons to assist Denton residents and properties who have damaged trees. By removing damaged limbs, we’re often able to make trees healthy again and prevent further unwanted limb loss

About TreeNewal

We’re a local tree maintenance company with industry expertise and 15 years of experience caring for and helping bring back to life Denton trees. Our founder, Jorge, grew up in the local landscape business and fell in love with the outdoors at a young age. After going to college and studying to become an ISA-Certified Arborist, he founded TreeNewal to save unhealthy and damaged trees and provide annual tree maintenance services to homeowners and property managers in the Denton, TX area.

Our Services

In addition to saving unhealthy and damaged trees, we also provide annual tree maintenance to the Denton, TX area.

Our tree services include:

Tree maintenance including tree trimming and pruning, tree nutrition, air spading, and tree mulching.

Tree doctors to address tree health and come up with a game plan for saving unhealthy trees.

Tree surgeons to remove dead limbs and prevent further limb loss on damaged trees.

Tree emergency response team to quickly arrive when a tree is leaning, has fallen, or has been badly damaged by a storm.

Tree removal for trees that are too diseased or damaged to save, or trees that need to be removed to make way for new structures on your property, such as patios and decks.

Tree surgeons remove dangerous limbs, such as broken limbs on damaged trees that pose threats to the people and structures on your property.

Tree removal for when a tree is too damaged or diseased to be saved, or when tree removal is needed to make way for new structures on your property.

Why Choose Us

With ISA-Certified Arborists and 15 years of experience caring for local trees, we’re the go-to tree service for many Denton, TX homeowners and property managers. Whether you need to save a diseased or damaged tree or simply need help with regular tree maintenance, we’re here for you.

Our Commitment To Quality

Our founder believes in extending Texas hospitality to every one of our clients. We’re not just interested in solving the issue at hand; we want to get to know you and become your trusted partner for tree maintenance for years to come. When we come to your property to care for your trees, you’ll be greeted with a smile by a knowledgeable ISA-Certified Arborist who is ready to do what it takes to save your diseased or damaged tree.


Whether you suspect you have a damaged or diseased tree, we can help. Call our Denton tree doctors today at (817) 533-8438 or fill out our contact form to get in touch.


Let our ISA-Certified Arborists assess your tree’s health and come up with a professional plan to save it.

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