Your Complete Guide to Tree Stump Removal

Date August 02, 2022

Author TreeNewal Staff

Tree stumps can be an unsightly blemish on your yard and take up valuable gardening space, but they can also pose safety hazards and cause problems for the wood in your home. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about stump removal and stump grinding. We’ll go over why you should remove your stump, what’s involved in the process, and how much it costs. So, whether you’re looking to improve the aesthetics of your property or want to protect your home from potential damage, read on for all the information you need!

While tree removal isn’t an easy project, it’s usually more straightforward than stump removal and stump grinding. There is much more involved with stump grinding, which is why it isn’t often included in the tree removal cost. This leads to people leaving old stumps in their yards.

Why Remove a Tree Stump?

The most common reason for stump removal is aesthetics. They can be serious eyesores on beautiful landscapes but can also pose safety hazards if the area is overgrown. If there is debris or tall grass around the stump, people could trip and cause various degrees of harm to themselves, from stubbed toe to broken bones.

Tree stumps eventually start to rot and can also spread decay and invite unwanted diseases and pests to your property. In some cases, tree stumps can lead to more significant issues for the wood in your home, like termites or carpenter ants.

If you had to remove the tree because it was diseased but left the stump, the tree’s disease could travel underground from its roots to other plants in your yard. By not removing the stump, you’re inviting the spread of disease.

Stump Removal vs. Stump Grinding

Stump removal is extracting what’s left of the tree and its root system. As a result, some heavy-duty machinery is needed if the tree roots have spread across most of your lawn. Sometimes, the entire yard may have to be overturned to ensure the tree’s root system is completely eradicated. Homeowners typically choose complete stump removal over grinding if the lot is being cleared for a new build.

Stump grinding does not involve the removal of the tree’s roots and is less invasive than complete stump removal. This makes it a more manageable route for homeowners to get rid of a stump for aesthetic purposes. Tree service companies use a stump grinder to shave what’s left of the tree until it’s recessed into the ground. While it will still leave a hole in your yard, you can easily cover it with soil and grass, leaving a pristine yard with no trace of the previous tree.

Removing Tree Stumps

Before starting the stump removal process, it’s important to assess the stump to determine the most effective way to remove it. Factors like the size, age of the previous tree, and the number of stumps you need to get rid of are taken into account. To help you determine the best course of action, contact an ISA Certified Arborist for a consultation.

There are different ways you can go about removing the stump. The most common is to hire a local stump removal company, like TreeNewal. This is the safest and most reliable way to remove a stump, but it can also be done by hand or with chemicals.

Grinding Tree Stumps

Stump grinding can be dangerous and requires the proper tools and knowledge of how to use them. For the typical homeowner, improper attempts at removing a stump can lead to problems down the line, so it’s wise to trust a reputable tree service company like TreeNewal to take care of this project efficiently and safely.

The first step in stump grinding is to clear the area of debris. Then, a chainsaw is used to cut the stump low to the ground. A hydraulic grinder then goes over the stump in a sweeping side-to-side motion. This process is repeated with progressively lower settings until the stump is a 6-8inches recessed into the ground.

If the stump was quite large, you might have a significant amount of woody debris left behind, but that can be used as mulch for other plants and trees in your landscape!

Cost for Stump Removal

According to Home Advisor, the national average for stump removal services is $303, with most tree service companies charging between $164 to $475. However, varying factors affect the cost of stump removal like stump size, accessibility to the stump, location, amount of root removal, equipment expenses, and if you want clean-up procedures.

TreeNewal Stump Removal Services

Without the right tools and expertise, tree stump removal and grinding can be complex and dangerous. Improper stump removal can cause long-term issues for the rest of your landscape, inviting pests and diseases from the decay.

As a full-service tree care company, TreeNewal specializes in tree removal, stump removal, and stump grinding, as well as a variety of tree care services to maintain and promote the health of our North Texas trees. For all your stump removal services, trust the experience of TreeNewal’s certified arborists and tree surgeons to effectively and efficiently remove your stumps. We’ll ensure complete stump removal so that your landscape is restored to its former beauty.

If you need tree care advice or guidance on the best way to remove your tree stump, get in touch with an ISA Certified Arborist today.


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