Trees That Will Give You Lovely Fall Colors

Date October 20, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

It’s October and autumn is officially here, which means it’s time for boots, pumpkin spice everything, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and our personal favorite – fall foliage! If you love seeing colorful trees this time of year, you may be wondering what the best fall trees for the DFW area are to give you beautiful fall foliage to gaze at and appreciate. As a professional tree services company that is extremely knowledgeable about the best trees for Denton and its surrounding areas, here is our list of the best trees for DFW to give you an autumn color show.

  • The Sugar Maple

Sugar maples are among our favorite fall trees. These landscape trees, which reach 60 feet to 75 feet in height at maturity, turn into colorful trees in the fall. During our autumn months, the sugar maple’s leaves turn yellow, burnt orange, and red.

  • The Ginko Tree

One of the best trees in Denton and its surrounding areas for fall is the ginkgo tree. Ginkgo trees grow well here in the DFW area because they prefer more acidic soils, which we have. These trees, which grow to be as tall as 100 feet, are popular in metro landscapes like Dallas-Fort Worth and its surrounding suburbs. Ginkgo trees make great fall trees because as the weather gets colder, their leaves turn bright yellow, making ginkgo trees in autumn a beautiful sight to behold.

  • The Kousa Dogwood Tree

The kousa dogwood is one of the best trees for DFW because it’s native to our area, so it grows well and is widely planted here. Also called the Chinese dogwood, this tree can grow to be between 15 feet to 25 feet tall. As ISA Certified Arborists who provide professional tree care, we love the kousa dogwood because it turns several lovely colors in the fall one might think they would only see in the Northeastern US. In autumn, the kousa dogwood’s leaves are known to turn red, purple, yellow, and orange. Just look at a kousa dogwood in the fall and you’ll think you’ve been instantly transported to Vermont!

  • The Tuliptree Tree

The tuliptree, which some people call the tulip poplar, can be a very large tree. While it can grow to be up to 190 feet tall in the Northeastern US, in Texas this tree typically matures to a height between 40 feet to 60 feet. But its height isn’t what makes the tuliptree one of the best trees for DFW. Tulip trees turn into very colorful trees in the fall, with their leaves turning into brilliant shades of yellow that you’re certain to enjoy and appreciate.

  • The Sweetgum Tree

The sweetgum is a popular Texas shade tree, with many local homeowners having them on their properties. Sweetgums make great fall trees. In autumn, the sweetgum’s leaves change to a myriad of colors, ranging from yellow to dark red. When we have unseasonably cold fall weather, the sweetgum gives us a special treat, with its leaves turning purple.

  • The Japanese Maple Tree

We think the Japanese maple is one of the best fall trees because of the unique hues it turns in the autumn. As temperatures start to drop, the Japanese maple’s leaves turn a beautiful reddish-purple, and sometimes even dark pink. In our opinion, it’s one of the best trees for DFW fall tree-watching.

  • The Bald Cypress Tree

Bald cypresses are popular Texas trees. If you have one on your property, then you know these trees turn into colorful trees in the autumn months. During fall, the bald cypress’s lacelike needles change to a deep russet color. What could be more fall-like than that? After their needles fall, bald cypresses give a winter surprise by displaying their attractive tree bark during our coldest months of the year.

  • The Crape Myrtle Tree

The crape myrtle is no stranger to the DFW area, with many homes and businesses boasting these colorful trees. While they bloom pink, red, and white in spring and summer, in the autumn, they provide beautiful fall foliage. Their leaves turn a kaleidoscope of fall colors, including yellow, orange, red, and purple.

  • The Chinese Pistache Tree

The Chinese pistache is one of the first trees that grow in our landscape to begin changing colors in the fall. This tree’s fall foliage puts on a beautiful display, with its leaves turning from yellow to a brilliant red. It’s one of the best fall trees for our area.

  • The Brandywine Maple Tree

Brandywine maples are popular Texas trees, especially amongst local Dallas-Fort Worth area homeowners. These trees are fast-growing, which is why you see them sprout up in many subdivisions and other neighborhoods. In the fall, the Brandywine maple’s leaves turn to a beautiful shade of red.

  • The Texas Ash Tree

We love the look of the Texas ash tree in the fall. This popular tree to our local landscape, which is fast-growing, displays beautiful fall foliage during the autumn months. If you have a Texas ash tree, you can expect to see its leaves to turn orange, red, and purple during the fall.

Fall Tree Care Tips

Did you know that when you start seeing fall foliage and colorful trees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it’s a natural signal to schedule a professional tree trimming for your property’s trees? Tree trimming needs to be performed every year to remove dead tree limbs, remove broken tree limbs, promote proper tree growth and health, and give your trees a great, aesthetically-appealing shape that will last through next fall.

Trees are best trimmed in their dormant season, which in the DFW area is from mid to late fall through early spring. It’s important to perform tree trimming during a tree’s dormant time to best protect it from tree fungal diseases and pest infestations later on in mid to late spring or the summer.

We Can Help You with Fall Tree Trimming Tree Services

As a local DFW tree services company, our ISA Certified Arborists perform professional tree trimming. If you need help pruning your trees this fall or upcoming winter or early spring, we can help you by performing this important annual tree care task. To schedule tree trimming, which can start as early as now, call us today at tel:(817) 592-6846.

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