Pecan Trees and Zinc : What You Need to Know

Date February 23, 2022

Author TreeNewal Staff

Pecan trees are a wonderful addition to any landscape. Not only do they produce delicious nuts, but they are also beautiful trees that can provide shade during the hot summer months. If you want your pecan tree to thrive, it is important to fertilize it using zinc. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of zinc for pecan trees and how to fertilize them using zinc fertilizer.

How Do I Know if My Pecan Tree Needs Zinc?

Pecan trees can often get zinc-deficient throughout the year. Luckily, it’s an easy and affordable fix. Zinc deficient pecan trees look different than healthy pecan trees. Pecan trees that are zinc deficient will have:

– Vainey looking leaves

– Curling or wavy leaves

– Branches that are bare with clumps of leaves

If your tree is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it likely needs more zinc.

Why Do Pecan Trees Need Zinc?

Zinc is an essential nutrient for pecan trees. It plays a role in the development of new leaves and flowers, as well as in the growth and production of nuts. Pecan trees that are deficient in zinc will not produce as many nuts as those that are properly fertilized with zinc.

Pecan trees can often become zinc deficient, especially if they are growing in soil that is low in zinc. Zinc deficiency can cause the leaves of the tree to wave or curl, or have long branches with only a clump of leaves.

How to Fertilize Your Pecan Trees

Like most trees, you should be fertilizing your pecan trees regularly. A good time to fertilize is in the spring, just as new growth begins. You can use a zinc fertilizer specifically for pecan trees, or you can use a general-purpose tree fertilizer, many fertilizers specifically for pecan trees will include zinc sulfate but always check.

When applying fertilizer to your tree, be sure to spread it evenly under the canopy of the tree. Do not put any on the trunk. You should also water the tree well after fertilizing.

Zinc is an important nutrient for pecan trees, and it is essential to their growth and development. Zinc should be applied during the early growing season at the very least. The easiest way to give your pecan tree a boost of zinc is to apply granulated zinc sulfate beneath the branches of your tree.

When is the Best Time to Use Zinc?

The best time to use zinc is during the early growing season when new leaves and flowers are beginning to form. Zinc sulfate can be applied at this time either as a foliar spray or through the soil. Foliar sprays are more effective if the tree is deficient in zinc, while soil applications are more beneficial for trees that are not zinc deficient.

Be sure to water the tree well after applying any type of fertilizer, including zinc sulfate. Fertilizing your pecan tree with zinc can help boost its growth and production, keeping your landscape looking beautiful all year long.

What is the Best Fertilizer to Use?

The best fertilizer to use for your pecan tree is zinc sulfate fertilizer. This type of fertilizer is specifically designed to provide zinc to trees, and it is available at most garden centers. Be sure to read the label carefully to make sure that the fertilizer you are using contains zinc sulfate.

TreeNewal makes their own special fertilizer that can be made specifically for your trees. If you need help with your pecan tree, call TreeNewal and have their ISA Certified Arborists take great care of your pecan tree.

How Do I Make Sure My Pecan Tree Has Enough Nutrients?

The best way to make sure your pecan tree is properly fertilized is to check its PH balance. Pecan trees grow best in soil that has a PH of between six and seven. You can test the PH of your soil with a simple kit that is available at most garden centers.

If you’re needing to check the health of your pecan tree, call your ISA Certified Arborists at TreeNewal. We can diagnose your tree and make sure it’s always getting the right nutrients it needs to stay healthy!


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