Annual Tree Care Plans

Date January 13, 2022

Author TreeNewal Staff

So much can happen in just 12 months. Now that we’re back in January again, what a perfect opportunity to look ahead and make the most of the upcoming year cultivating your garden! Time to finally clear away all those broken limbs still hanging around in the canopy from past windstorms and make sure, especially here in North Texas, our root systems are ready and protected when rising temperatures bring out those hungry pests again. In other words, time to make annual tree care plans with the help of these TreeNewal Tips!


You’ll hear us talk about pruning a lot around here, and that’s because it truly is such an essential element of maintaining tree health! Tree pruning can be both corrective and preventive. With proper pruning of your trees, they’re vastly better primed for handling environmental stressors, threats of infestation or disease, inclement weather, and more. Tree pruning can also improve strength and increase your trees’ longevity for decades to come. Removing all those dead branches and those in a health decline will help protect and preserve not only the rest of the tree itself but also any surrounding trees, yourself from potential injury, your property from potential damage, and even possible liability around the neighborhood.

As highlighted in our previous blog post, all about pruning, make sure this critical tree care process is scheduled for late fall into winter, so open wounds are more easily avoided. That way, attracting insects and disease is far less likely. Speaking of…

Insect and Disease Management

You can’t get rid of pests without a plan to keep your trees healthy from the inside out! Keep an eye out year-round for borer holes, abnormal leaf sizes, suddenly thinning foliage, or lifting roots as likely signs you may have an insect infestation present. Common signs of disease to notice are unusual mushroom or fungal growth, branch dieback and wilting, odd discoloration of leaves, and oozing liquid around the trunk. Be sure to plan your planting to avoid times when these problematic pests will be most active during the year!

Targeted treatments can prevent or control specific problems and can be critical to avoiding tree decline or loss. The certified tree experts at TreeNewal can come out to inspect your trees and create a plan customized for your property to keep those little buggers from spoiling it!

Soil Analysis

A tree’s roots can’t thrive if they’re not in the right environment, and that starts with healthy soil. Lots of organic plants and good garden fauna like ladybugs, dandelions, and earthworms is a telltale sign that things are likely looking good below the ground. Typically, healthy soil will appear fairly dark in color and moderately break apart off any plant roots you pull from the earth; unhealthy soil will crumble off the roots due to a dangerous lack of moisture. Plan to do an at-home health test in early spring, early fall, or both! If it’s been a while since your soil was last checked, this may be the perfect time to add it to your plans!

Periodic Surveys

Mother Nature doesn’t take any days off, so plan to collaborate with her and schedule in time to take a few proactive informal inspections of your arbors throughout the year. It’s generally recommended that an in-depth professional assessment of your trees happen approximately every three years or after experiencing any extreme weather like drought or tornado. That way, TreeNewal can help you determine any health or safety risks to your garden before they become big, costly problems. Cabling? Bracing? Or, yes, structural pruning? We can help you plan, protect, and treat all year long!

If you need advice or assistance with assessing the current state of your trees or making plans to care for them in the coming year, get in touch with the ISA-certified arborists at TreeNewal and enjoy tailored tree care advice.


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