Tips for Successful Tree Insect Management in Fort Worth

Date October 06, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

In Fort Worth, Texas, common insects, such as beetles, webworms, and other pests, can quickly cause extensive damage to trees. However, there are plenty of proactive measures homeowners can take to stop an insect infestation. Here are some helpful tips and strategies for tree insect management in Fort Worth.

Practicing Good Tree Care

Image via Flickr by Phuket Paul

Protecting trees from harmful insects starts with practicing good tree care. Maintaining a tree’s health through preventive maintenance can improve its resiliency to common pests. Homeowners should trim and prune their trees regularly, using clean shears to remove dead or dying branches, as these can attract insects. It’s also important to rake fallen leaves and remove dropped branches. Rotten or dead fruit can also cause insects to appear, so removing it from the ground is best.

Besides keeping trees trimmed and clean, homeowners should also water their trees, especially in dry weather. Insects are naturally drawn to weakened or diseased trees. In contrast, healthy and hydrated trees are much less susceptible to insect damage and disease, according to the Texas A&M Forest Service.

Common Signs of Insects

Bugs aren’t stealthy creatures, so they often leave behind signs of their damage in trees. Homeowners can learn the signs of common tree pests in North Texas so they’re prepared to take immediate action. While different types of pests can cause varying levels of damage, the signs of tree insects in Texas commonly include the following:

  • Exit holes in a random pattern, often accompanied by a sawdust-like substance.
  • Tunneling holes in tree trunks or branches.
  • Wet spots on bark.
  • Severed twigs or branches.
  • Fallen or dead leaves out of season.

Anyone who notices these signs in their trees or suspects the presence of insects should take immediate action. Catching insects early improves the chances of saving the tree and preventing deadly insect damage.

When Homeowners Should Call an Arborist

Of course, homeowners can only do so much to protect their trees from insects. At some point, it’s best to call an experienced arborist who can provide comprehensive care in treating or managing tree insects. These tree care experts, such as the ISA-certified arborists at TreeNewal, have a vast knowledge of tree pests, especially those common in the Fort Worth area. What’s more, we have the skills and equipment to mitigate insects before they cause permanent damage to trees. When in doubt, call an arborist with expertise in tree insect management.

Benefits of Tree Insect Management

No homeowner wants to lose a tree due to an insect infestation. Proactive tree insect management allows homeowners to:

  • Identify potential infestations early to prevent spread to other trees.
  • Keep pests away from homes or other buildings.
  • Maintain healthy trees that are resistant to bugs.
  • Reduce the risk of property damage caused by falling branches.
  • Improve the health and appearance of trees.

Keep Pests Away From Trees With TreeNewal

With regular maintenance and care, homeowners can prevent harmful insects from damaging their landscape. TreeNewal offers convenient tree insect management in Fort Worth and the surrounding area. We assess trees for potential problems and recommend solutions to improve their health and appearance. For more information, message us online or call us at 817-329-2450.