Southlake’s Tree Canopy Expansion: Benefits and Challenges

Date December 06, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

A tree canopy refers to the network of branches and leaves that spread out from the tops of trees and mesh together to create a sort of overarching shield from the sun and air. When a city has a luscious tree canopy, there are countless benefits, such as sufficient shade and protection from harmful pollutants in the air. Southlake has committed to expanding its tree canopy, though the process isn’t simple or instantaneous. This article looks at the benefits and challenges of tree canopy expansion in Southlake to learn why it’s such a vital effort.

Benefits of Tree Canopy Expansion

Image via Unsplash by John Reed

Expanding the tree canopy in an area has many perks, including environmental benefits, such as cleaner air. Since trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, they help clear the air of greenhouse gases and other pollutants, such as pollen. Trees can also protect an area from flooding and eroding soil, as their roots absorb and retain water, preventing it from pooling after a storm.

Aside from environmental benefits, an expanded tree canopy can also provide social benefits. When a space has a variety of trees, including those that bloom and flower, the landscape receives a massive facelift, adding beauty and majesty. Spending time in nature is also an exceptional way to combat mental health conditions, as having more trees around can enhance people’s moods and improve their cognitive function by providing a space to relax and enjoy nature. A large tree canopy also provides shade, making it even easier to recline outdoors during hot Texas summers.

Challenges Surrounding Tree Canopy Expansion

One clear challenge people encounter when trying to expand a city’s tree canopy is the need for sufficient space. Since trees need room to grow into the soil and take in air, water, and sunlight, some cities struggle to find enough open space for trees to thrive within their tight urban infrastructure. Planning regulations can also sometimes challenge canopy expansion efforts, as a city may not have zoned areas for planting that would benefit from more trees.

Another challenge to canopy expansion is the need to maintain newly planted trees. There are many common tree problems that can threaten the health of trees, so routine maintenance, such as watering, mulching, and pruning, is vital to ensure trees remain free of pests and disease.

How TreeNewal Can Keep Your Tree Canopy Lush

These are some of the most important benefits and challenges Southlake faces in expanding the area’s tree canopy. While there are hurdles to overcome, it’s an initiative that’s well worth the hard work, as an increased tree canopy can offer countless perks that will make living in Southlake even better. When the trees are ready for extra care, TreeNewal is here to help. Contact us directly to learn how we can keep your trees beautiful and healthy with services such as soil testing and evaluation, AirSpade aeration, pest control, and tree disease management.