The Role of a Certified Arborist in Tree Care

Date April 11, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Anyone who maintains trees can call themselves an arborist, but a professional title can’t guarantee quality. Customers should be mindful of this fact when they hire an arborist. Without quality assurance, the trees on their property may become liabilities because of the structural hazards that stem from improper care. Only by hiring a certified arborist can they ensure the outcomes they want. If you’re looking into hiring a certified arborist in Dallas, read on to discover the difference a credential can make. 

What Is a Certified Arborist?

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A certified arborist is a tree care professional who has earned a formal qualification from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), an international nonprofit devoted to educating others about arboriculture and sponsoring research into tree care. A person who earns ISA certification earns the designation of ISA Certified Arborist. Though an arborist doesn’t need to become certified to practice tree care professionally, the credential distinguishes them as one who is both dedicated to and expertly knowledgeable about tree care as an art and science.

Why Hire a Certified Arborist for Your Tree Care and Maintenance?

The reason why you should hire a certified arborist is that they know what they’re doing. Every ISA Certified Arborist must demonstrate a level of expertise and training that sets them apart from non-certified tree care practitioners. Earning their qualification requires passing a comprehensive examination of 200 multiple-choice questions delivered over 3.5 hours. On passing, ISA Certified Arborists must fulfill ongoing requirements to maintain their designation by adhering to the ISA Certified Code of Ethics and either:

  • Retaking and passing the certification exam.
  • Accumulating at least 30 continuing education units within the three-year validity period.

In other words, certified arborists don’t just prune trees, remove stumps, and treat them. They do so knowledgeably and strategically, allowing the arbors on your property to flourish. In the event of tree disease or infestation, you can also count on your certified arborist to be up-to-date on practices that resolve the problem with minimal disruption to the surroundings.

An arborist’s certification is an assurance that tells you that your trees are in skilled hands. You can rest easy knowing that an expert is working to maintain the beauty and value the trees contribute to your property.

How To Verify Arborist Certification

The ISA manages Trees Are Good, an educational website for tree owners centering on proper tree care and the benefits that trees provide. On the site is a tool that allows you to verify an arborist’s ISA credential by either their name or certification number. Input the details and hit “Search” to determine whether your arborist is ISA-recognized.

Contact TreeNewal To Find a Certified Arborist in Dallas, TX

Another way to verify certification is to work with a tree care company that exclusively hires ISA Certified Arborists. TreeNewal is one such company serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With our team of ISA Certified Arborists, you can bet that your trees will receive the highest-quality expert treatment. We welcome you to contact us online or call 817-329-2450 to learn more about our commitment to excellence.