Fort Worth Tree Disease Management: Early Detection and Treatment

Date October 21, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

In addition to regular wear from weather and time, many common tree diseases threaten the health of trees. When a tree starts showing signs of disease, it’s best to hire a professional tree care company to take action and prevent further damage. While homeowners can sometimes treat tree disease on their own, a professional care company, such as TreeNewal, can ensure that trees receive the best care possible, which can avoid a recurrence of disease in the future. Let’s explore how TreeNewal’s disease management services help maintain the health and longevity of trees in Fort Worth.

Early Detection

Image via Flickr by John S. Quarterman

One of the greatest benefits of using TreeNewal to manage tree disease is that our team is trained to detect signs of disease early. This means that homeowners can hire one of our ISA-certified arborists to examine their trees for a quick determination of whether a disease is present or beginning to set in. This can make all the difference when preserving a tree’s longevity, as early detection allows professionals to start treating a tree right away, preventing the disease from spreading or advancing to a critical stage.


TreeNewal’s team of tree doctors is also trained in various treatment procedures that can restore trees to good health after they start showing signs of disease. This includes determining the root cause of the disease, adding nutrients to the soil, and pruning branches that are too far gone to be saved. Our certified arborists can tell homeowners exactly what’s wrong with a tree and what treatment they will need to perform to save it, easing any anxiety associated with the treatment process.

TreeNewal also offers soil enrichment services that provide extra nutrients and protection against future diseases. For example, we can aerate and fertilize the soil to ensure that it provides everything a tree needs to stay strong. All these efforts work together to banish disease from trees and ensure that they have the strength to fight off any future diseases and pests that threaten them.


Aside from treating diseases already present in trees, the team at TreeNewal also helps with disease prevention. With a slew of specialty chemical treatments at our fingertips, our team treats trees with solutions that prevent common diseases, such as tree fungus, from taking root and developing. TreeNewal also offers pruning and fertilizing to beautify and strengthen your trees, further improving their resilience to tree diseases. We can help with pest control as well, with exclusive treatments that ward off even the most determined pests.

Why TreeNewal Is Your Best Option

These are some of the greatest benefits you can take advantage of when you hire TreeNewal for your tree disease management. With expert-level knowledge of various diseases and the ways they present in different tree species, our team of certified arborists can tackle any illness a tree is showing and give it the best chance of living and thriving for years to come. Homeowners who are ready to give their trees the TLC they deserve should contact us directly to learn more about TreeNewal’s tree disease management services.