Southlake’s Arborist Reports: Detailed and Professional

Date November 11, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Many local governments require an official arborist report before a construction or residential landscaping project can begin. TreeNewal offers professional services for developers and homeowners who need arborist reports in Southlake, Texas. Keep reading to learn about the significance of arborist reports and when it may be necessary to get one.

What Is an Arborist Report?

Image via Unsplash by Rural Explorer

An arborist report is a detailed statement outlining the condition of trees on a property. It provides information about trees’ health, damages, and other issues, such as disease or pest infestation.

Other data common in an arborist report include:

  • The number of trees on a property and their locations.
  • The size and species of the trees.
  • The life expectancy of the trees.
  • The condition of the surrounding area.
  • The potential threats to the trees, such as disease.

An arborist report often lists remedial strategies to improve the health and lifespan of damaged or diseased trees. These methods may include pruning, fertilization, or disease management treatments. Sometimes, a report may recommend removing a tree to prevent further damage or disease spread.

Is It Necessary To Get an Arborist Report?

Many municipalities require developers or contractors to complete an arborist report before starting a construction project. It’s common for commercial property owners to need this report before they develop a wooded property with many trees. These ordinances vary by jurisdiction in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In Southlake, the city requires developers to have a certified arborist carry out this report before moving forward with development applications or acquiring tree removal permits.

An arborist report can also be a helpful tool in other situations. For example, Southlake customers can request an arborist report if they need one for:

  • New construction projects, both residential and commercial.
  • Insurance purposes.
  • Home sales.
  • Preservation efforts.

Importance of Arborist Reports

In Southlake, a certified arborist must complete a survey before new development begins. Not only does this report provide valuable information about the health and conditions of trees on the property, but it’s also essential to ensure developers remain compliant with local regulations.

Legalities aside, arborist reports can benefit developers or homeowners planning to change a property’s landscape. This report can tell them what trees must stay on the property to ensure the survival of other plant life. It can also indicate what trees they can remove without causing unnecessary harm, loss, or damage to the surrounding area.

Who Can Complete an Arborist Report?

In Southlake, arborists certified through the International Society of Arboriculture must produce these reports. These certified professionals meet the highest industry standards. At TreeNewal, our ISA-certified arborists can offer consulting and reporting services to residential and commercial clients in Southlake and the rest of the Dallas-Fort Worth community.

Professional Arborist Reports in Southlake, Texas

Are you about to start a major construction project? Don’t let an arborist report stall your plans. Call TreeNewal at 817-329-2450 or contact us online to inquire about our tree survey and reporting services in Southlake. We provide detailed, professional services to meet the reporting requirements of your next project.