Fort Worth’s Top Tips for Tree Soil Nutrition

Date February 28, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Fort Worth property owners who want tall, stunning trees need to give them dense, nutrient-rich soil. Trees need specific nutrients to live and grow, many of which they take in directly from the soil they’re growing in using their root systems. Issues with a tree, such as withering leaves or the presence of diseases, often develop because it isn’t getting enough nutrition through the soil.

Luckily, professional tree care companies, such as TreeNewal, know what trees need and how to get the soil back in perfect condition. There are several helpful tips property owners can follow to ensure proper tree soil nutrition in Fort Worth, including understanding the nutrients trees need to grow and thrive.

Ensure There Are Enough Primary Macronutrients

Image via Unsplash by Izabella Szymański

Trees absorb several different nutrient types to survive, and their primary macronutrients are those they need the most to stay in great condition. The three primary macronutrients for trees are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen helps with photosynthesis, allowing trees to transform the light, water, and nutrients they absorb into food and amino acids. Phosphorous encourages the roots to grow and fends off diseases. Trees with enough potassium can grow strong and produce enough chlorophyll to make bright, green leaves.

These are the most important nutrients for trees, as they need these minerals for their health. However, it’s common for soil to lack the proper amount to keep trees healthy. Homeowners can enrich the soil around their property’s trees with fertilizer that contains these three elements in the right quantities. Property owners who are unsure about what type of fertilizer is best for a tree can contact our expert team for professional guidance.

Supplement With Secondary Macronutrients

Trees also need secondary macronutrients to survive, although they require much smaller amounts of these. The three secondary macronutrients trees need are calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. When trees get enough calcium, they create strong cell walls and absorb other nutrients effectively. Magnesium is another substance that helps with photosynthesis and the production of growth enzymes. Sulfur helps to build amino acids, allowing trees to create enough protein to breathe and grow taller.

While these secondary macronutrients are typically present in the soil, extreme weather and erosion can cause the nutrient levels to drop. Proper fertilization and mulching are key, as these practices allow property owners to add these essential macronutrients back into the soil.

How TreeNewal’s Soil Services Can Help

We’ve discussed some of the most crucial nutrients that should be present in soil to ensure healthy, beautiful trees. At TreeNewal, we offer several services to give soil everything it needs to be chock-full of nutrients, water, and oxygen. From soil conditioning services to soil testing and evaluation, TreeNewal’s team of expert tree doctors will help you with whatever you’re looking for in terms of soil enrichment. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our certified arborists, and someone will be out to assist you in no time.