Innovative Tree Aeration Techniques in Grapevine

Date January 24, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

If you want to give your trees some extra love and care, consider AirSpade aeration services. Aerating the soil around trees can be highly beneficial, whether they’re newly planted trees or magnificent, tall trees that have been growing for years. Aeration has many benefits, such as promoting proper growth and giving roots room to breathe, so using this service is a great way to keep trees healthy. Here’s a closer look at the AirSpade aeration services that TreeNewal provides in Grapevine and the surrounding areas.

What Is AirSpade Aeration?

Image via Flickr by Oregon State University

AirSpade aeration for trees is a process that involves digging several small holes into the soil around a tree’s roots to give them more access to air. When using an AirSpade, the tool forces new air into the holes, speeding up the aeration process. AirSpade aeration can address several problems affecting trees, such as replacing poor-quality soil and preparing an area for construction.

Even though an AirSpade is easy enough to use, it’s advisable to hire a tree care professional to do it. This is because aerating the soil around trees takes a few additional steps, such as doing a field moisture test to ensure the soil isn’t too dry or wet to aerate. Aerating the soil without checking the moisture levels first risks creating too much dust if the soil is too dry or splashing mud around if the soil is too wet.

Benefits of AirSpade Aeration

Aerating the soil around trees has many benefits, such as preventing root damage. Loosening the soil that contains a tree’s root system mitigates the chances of it becoming compacted or flooded. This ensures the tree’s roots can spread out as much as they need. Aeration with an AirSpade will help the tree breathe and take in water more effectively since looser soil makes more room for air and water to reach the root system. Since an AirSpade gently moves the soil, this process also ensures no roots get cut or damaged during aeration.

Another huge benefit of AirSpade aeration is that it can help prepare the ground for upcoming construction projects, such as installing pavement or buildings on a property. Installing new structures without regularly aerating the soil can result in building on top of root systems, compromising the integrity of the new build and the tree. Aerating around the tree’s roots can guide the root system to expand in certain directions, making room for any planned construction projects.

How TreeNewal Can Help With Aeration

Aeration is one of the best ways to ensure trees have the breathing room to grow and stretch their roots effectively. Using AirSpade technology, TreeNewal makes aeration easier than ever, and our tree doctors know how to aerate trees for the best results. Whether it’s your first time aerating your soil or it’s time for your bi-annual touch-up, TreeNewal can help you. Contact us today to learn more about how our team can preserve the health and beauty of your trees in Grapevine through AirSpade aeration.