How to Care For Your Trees This Spring

Date March 28, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

Don’t make the mistake of thinking your trees don’t require the same care as other plants on your property. During spring, tree trimming is an important step to ensure they stay in the best condition. Read on to see how you can care for your trees once spring hits.

1. Mulch

Mulching is a great way to protect tree roots from high temperatures. Placing a layer of mulch around the tree can help keep the soil moist and prevent weather from damaging tree roots. Make sure to use an organic mulch, like wood chips or shredded bark, that will further help your tree by providing nutrients.

2. Prune

Pruning is important to tree health during the spring. Pruning helps remove dead or damaged branches and encourages healthy new growth. It’s best to prune your tree when it’s dormant, as this will give them time to heal before the stress of summer.

3. Protect

Younger trees are more vulnerable to weather changes, so owners should provide extra protection. Wrapping tree trunks and branches with burlap can help protect them from spring frost. This frost usually occurs throughout April and May. Frequent watering can also keep your new trees in great health.

4. Irrigate

Your tree’s root system will require moisture once spring hits. Try to water your trees two or three times per month with either a garden hose or an irrigation system. Making sure your trees stay hydrated can help them survive the warmer temperatures. A professional tree care company can provide you with the best irrigation solutions.

5. Hire a Professional

Even if you enjoy caring for your trees, it’s best to hire a company that provides services like tree trimming. The tree care industry is estimated to be worth $29.8 billion, according to IBISWorld, so there are plenty of professionals who can help ensure your trees remain in top form during the new season. Professionals understand different types of trees and know what works best for each one.

Taking proper care of your tree during each season is essential to its health and longevity. Following these steps will ensure that your tree weathers the warm temperatures this spring and is ready to thrive. Our local tree trimming service has the experience to care for your trees, so contact Treenewal today if you need help.