Fort Worth’s Guide to Historic Tree Preservation

Date January 09, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

A historic or landmark tree is a tree that has unique or significant characteristics and provides special resources to an area. When a community contains historic trees, it’s crucial to maintain them and preserve their condition so they can continue to thrive and beautify the area for years to come. There are several reasons why it’s important to preserve historic trees, including cultural significance and natural resource generation. Explore Fort Worth’s guide to historic tree preservation to learn more about what the city is doing to take care of its landmark trees.

Importance of Preserving Historic Trees

Image via Unsplash by Brandon Green

Historic trees provide countless benefits to an area, which is why it’s crucial to preserve them. For example, trees in advanced stages of life effectively improve air quality by outputting oxygen, reduce soil erosion by creating strong root systems, and provide shade through their giant canopies. Older trees also help to combat climate change, as they’re more successful at absorbing carbon dioxide than younger trees.

Aside from the physical benefits, historic tree preservation also helps to retain cultural significance in a community, as many ancient trees have seen centuries pass by, playing important roles in various civilizations. By conserving these landmark trees, communities pay respect to the residents of the past and leave reminders of the passage of time. This ensures that new generations are able to enjoy the trees and learn about the past.

Fort Worth’s Heritage Tree Program

One of the most effective methods of historic tree preservation in Fort Worth is the Heritage Tree Program. This program identifies historic trees across the city and marks them as protected, ensuring they receive special care throughout the year to maintain their condition. There’s even an interactive online map that allows users to explore the different heritage trees in Fort Worth, providing names, photos, and locations for each tree. This is a great way to create excitement around historic trees and encourage people to visit them and enjoy their beauty.

What To Do if You Think Your Property Has a Historic Tree

If you believe one of the trees on or near your Fort Worth property has historical significance, there are a few steps you can take. First, schedule a tree inspection to evaluate the overall health of the tree and to learn more about its age and potential to grow. Then, you can nominate your tree for Fort Worth’s Heritage Tree program to qualify it for extra protection and add it to the interactive map of heritage trees across the city so everyone can come and enjoy its beauty.

How TreeNewal Contributes to Tree Preservation

Taking extra care to preserve historic trees in Fort Worth is highly important, and the city’s Heritage Tree Program is a great way to take part in this conservation effort. TreeNewal is also contributing to tree preservation by working with cities to provide structural pruning ahead of winter and stage the trees for spring growth. The team is also actively helping to remove mistletoe, a threat to landmark trees, which has spread widely this year. Contact us today to speak with a certified arborist and learn more about how TreeNewal can help with historic tree preservation.