What Kind of Arborist Do You Need?

Date March 26, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees provide several layers of value to private communities and publically owned land. Not only are trees beneficial for ecological reasons, providing habitats for wildlife, but they are also necessary for improving property values in neighborhoods and other communities.

Generally speaking, trees are beautiful living organisms that contribute a lot to our health, wealth, and happiness. Trees help ensure privacy needs, they serve as windbreaks on large pieces of property, they reduce ambient temperatures, provide oxygen, and reduce greenhouse gases. They even help with energy conservation. In the retail industry, people will spend 9 to 12% more money while shopping at retail locations that have trees versus shopping centers that do not. Their vast importance is undeniable. Because of these, among many other reasons, trees must be protected and maintained throughout the course of the entire year.

An Arborist, or a tree surgeon, is responsible for promoting optimal health of trees and shrubs. Their services are essential for ensuring that trees are not only growing but also thriving. In North Texas, different seasons present different types of threats to our trees.

If you lack a professional Arborist for your home or property, then you may not know where to look for one. What’s more, you may not understand the basic differences between various types of Arborists. Choosing the right one at the wrong time may result in a devastating loss. A tree expert is someone that will understand which trees require what type of service.

If you’re in the predicament of needing to select the right person for the job at hand, read on to find out what kind of Arborist you need for your landscape. (or just contact us, let us know your situation, and we’ll point you in the right direction!)

ISA Certified Arborist

Be mindful that anyone can call themselves a “Certified Arborist.” But are they “ISA certified?” An ISA Certified Arborist is one of the most common types of tree-care professionals in the United States. These individuals have been certified by the International Society of Aboriculture (ISA), successfully passing an exam of 200 multiple-choice questions that prove their mastery of specialties, such as:

  • Soils
  • Biology
  • Tree risk management
  • Pruning
  • Tree protection during development
  • Climbing knots
  • Various safe work practices


An ISA certification is only given to tree-care professionals with a minimum of three years of full-time experience in arboriculture and other related sectors, such as landscape architecture, nursery work, and groundskeeping.

When this certification became available in the 1980s, it was considered to be a supreme achievement in the arboriculture sector. Today, it’s perceived as an entry-level certification and many other specialized credentials have been developed to complement this.

Since the ISA certification test is granularly specific and includes a wide variety of topics, Certified Arborists are a great fit for just about any type of tree work. However, report writing and higher-level risk assessment are two specialties that are not covered on the ISA certification exam.

These credentials are present in the type of tree-care professionals you will read about in the next section.

Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

Certified Arborists who successfully complete an intensive two-day course and a rigorous follow-up exam are qualified to perform advanced tree-risk assessment services.

These services entail the science and fundamentals of tree risk assessment, from analyzing the stability of a tree to determining its potential to fall and cause significant damage or injury.

As you can imagine, these professionals are highly valued in communities to protect property and lives from tree damage. Only Certified Arborists can achieve this qualification and must repeat the necessary course and exam every five years to re-qualify.

For property managers and business owners that are concerned about the structural integrity of surrounding trees, hiring an Arborist with this qualification is ideal.

ISA Board Certified Master Arborist (BCMA)

Currently, this certification is discontinued by the ISA, who are working hard to restructure the exam. Nonetheless, many BCMAs are still in the industry and should be simple to find in the Dallas area. Just ask us!

To pass the exam, participants were required to possess advanced tree knowledge and accurate professional judgment. There was no study guide and participants were forced to answer difficult, scenario-based questions.

If you need any type of tree work done, both manual and consultatory, you can hire this professional if you can find one in your area.

Consulting Arborist

Consulting Arborists can be both certified and uncertified, but many have several years of experience in their field. These professionals often write reports and troubleshoot complex tree issues.

Typical clientele includes:

  • Real estate developers
  • Insurance professionals
  • Lawyers
  • Municipalities
  • Property owners


Depending on the consultant, they may or may not provide tree-care services, such as planting, removals, and pruning. The skills required to be a great consultant are accurate technical writing, excellent communication skills, a clear understanding of the legal system, and thorough thorough knowledge of the tree development process.

Most consultants are Certified Arborists with a wide range of credentials from organizations like the ISA and the ASCA Consulting Academy. If you need professional direction regarding the logistics of tree development in a particular area, hiring a consultant will be your best option.

Choosing the Right Arborist

Granted, a credential doesn’t automatically make an Arborist an ideal choice. There are some apples in the industry with plenty of certifications. For this reason, you should do your due diligence in reviewing the resumes of prospective Arborists, as well as checking their references and work samples.

This will help you make the right decision when it’s time to make a hire.

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