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We Prevent Oak Wilt

At TreeNewal, our ISA-certified arborists know just how important your majestic oak trees are to you. These trees can last for centuries, and we want to help ensure they live for the generations they’re made to see. To do this, we take preventative measures to stop a dangerous oak tree disease – oak wilt – from infecting your oak trees. We only trim oak trees in season – unless you have a tree emergency – and we immediately treat all off-season tree trimming and tree wound sites with tree dressing or paint.


About TreeNewal

Our Flower Mound tree care company is different from other tree services providers. Our team is staffed with ISA-certified arborists who have specialized education and training in tree care, tree heath, and preventing tree diseases like oak wilt. We also have 15 years of experience caring for Flower Mound oak trees and other species that grow in our area.

Our Tree Services

At TreeNewal, we’re proud to offer a variety of tree care needs. Our tree services include:

Oak Wilt Prevention – We protect the tree health of oak trees by preventing oak wilt tree disease. To do so, we only trim oak trees in season – unless there’s a tree emergency – and we immediately treat all off-season tree trimming sites and wounds with tree dressing or paint.

Tree Nutrition – Trees need proper nutrition to grow and thrive. We help by applying our special blend of tree fertilizer to your trees. Our ISA-certified arborists are also available to perform root aeration, if needed, to increase oxygen flow.

Tree Health Assessments –Trees can develop tree diseases or tree infestations. Our tree care experts are trained to assess tree health and create tree care plans. If you suspect a tree health issue, call TreeNewal.

Tree Pruning – Pruning trees is an important annual tree care task to ensure tree health and keep trees looking beautiful. However, it must be performed in season to prevent tree disease and pest infestations. Our ISA-certified arborists can help.

Tree Installation – Planting new trees, and transferring existing ones, isn’t the best DIY task. Tree installation requires specific knowledge about the species at hand, so you can plant your new tree under ideal conditions so it’ll take root and mature. Our tree care experts can help you with this important task.

Tree RemovalWhether you need tree removal because you have an oak tree infected with the tree disease oak wilt, or you have another reason for needing a tree removed, we can help. We can also perform stump removal at the same time.

Tree Emergency Response Team – Do You have a falling tree or a tree that’s storm-damaged? Our tree care experts can help. We can come to your site and stabilize your tree emergency to make sure the people and structures on your property are safe.

Why Choose Us?

As ISA-certified arborists who have been caring for oak trees in Flower Mound for 15 years, we’ve helped countless homeowners and commercial property owners protect their oak trees from oak wilt. We have the knowledge and expertise you can trust to protect your oak trees from this dangerous tree disease.

Our Commitment To Quality

At TreeNewal, we believe that a job worth doing is a job worth doing well. We work diligently to provide you with excellent tree care and customer service. We want to become your go-to tree services team for all your future tree care needs.


If you have oak trees, you need the oak wilt prevention services that TreeNewal provides. Call our ISA-certified arborists today for tree care help at 817-533-8438.

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