A Comprehensive Guide to Tree Surveys and Mitigation

Date March 06, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Tree surveys are an essential part of urban planning and development. These assessments can provide valuable information about the health and condition of trees. In Dallas, a tree survey may be required for those planning to remove trees from a property. This guide discusses tree surveys and their importance.

What Is a Tree Survey?

Image via Unsplash by Jan Huber

A tree survey is an inspection of trees on a property or planned development site. Certified arborists complete these surveys to check on the health, condition, and well-being of trees. During a tree survey, arborists look for potential issues, such as damage or disease. Based on the results of the survey, a certified arborist can make recommendations about how to improve or maintain the health of the trees. The survey can also provide insights into whether to remove or preserve trees on a development site.

The Importance of Tree Surveys

There are many reasons to conduct tree surveys. Specifically, they can ensure property owners and developers remain compliant with local laws regarding tree removal. Many cities require tree surveys to make sure people don’t remove protected trees without valid reasons. For example, the city of Dallas requires a tree survey to apply for a tree removal permit.

Tree surveys also offer the following benefits:

  • Risk assessment: A tree survey can identify potential safety risks on a property. If a tree isn’t structurally sound, it’s at greater risk of collapsing or falling, which can cause significant damage. During a survey, an arborist will evaluate the structure of trees for symptoms of decay or disease.
  • Healthy growth promotion: A tree survey can result in recommendations to promote the healthy growth of trees in woodlands or forested areas. For example, a tree survey may recommend removing diseased trees and planting new ones for continued growth.
  • Alternatives to removal: Sometimes, it’s not necessary to remove trees, and doing so may even be detrimental to a property. A tree survey can provide alternative recommendations to tree removal, such as corrective treatments to extend a tree’s life span.

The Role of Tree Surveys in Urban Planning and Development

Trees have a vital role in the planning and development of urban areas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth metro. Urban trees have a variety of benefits for cities. They can increase property values and provide much-needed shade in hot climates, reducing cooling costs. Trees can improve the walkability of neighborhoods and encourage people to be more active. Of course, trees also have immense environmental benefits, from improving air quality to reducing greenhouse gases.

For these reasons and more, it’s essential to protect healthy trees and encourage new growth in urban areas. Tree surveys can be a key part of this effort. A survey’s results and recommendations can provide essential input on removing diseased trees, preserving healthy trees, and planting new trees that have the best chance of thriving.

For professional tree surveys in Dallas, look no further than our certified arborists at TreeNewal. Our tree experts use their knowledge and expertise to assess trees thoroughly for potential damage, disease, or decay. They’ll make recommendations about the safest ways to remove trees and provide insights on new trees to plant for healthy growth. For more information about our tree survey services, contact us today.