5 Common Tree Problems

Date March 29, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Having trees on your property can bring life and beauty to the area. However, like any plant, they require care and may have problems. The problems below are some of the most common tree issues and ways to address them.

1. Pest and Disease Issues

Insects and diseases can take a toll on trees. One diseased tree can spread illness to another one. Luckily, tree specialists can quickly diagnose the issue and recommend proper treatment. Many trees may require chemical treatments to address insect infestations and diseases. The arborist can then provide the appropriate treatment plan for your trees.

2. Overgrown Branches

Trees may require trimming if they have overgrown branches or foliage that extends too far into a walkway or yard. Trimming trees can be a delicate process, and arborists are skilled in the proper techniques required to cut branches safely. They’ll also use the appropriate tools to ensure the tree’s natural shape is maintained.

3. Soil Issues

Trees may become unhealthy if planted in soil that’s not conducive to their growth. A local arborist can test the soil and adjust its composition to give your trees the best chance of thriving. They can also provide deeper root care as needed.

4. Damage from Wind and Weather

Heavy winds cause a lot of damage to trees. Local tree services can help assess the situation and determine whether a tree needs to be removed or treated. They can also identify any areas of decay in the tree that need attention. Additionally, arborists can advise on how to protect your trees from future storm damage.

5. Overgrown Roots

Sometimes, tree roots can get out of control and wreak havoc on surrounding structures. Your home’s foundation, driveway, and sidewalks can suffer if tree roots become too large. These roots can even puncture your septic tank. Arborists have the training to identify overgrown root systems and provide solutions to keep everyone safe.

Tree trimming and maintenance can be a difficult task. Fortunately, professional arborists are available to help. The market size of the Tree Trimming Services industry is expected to increase by 2.2% in 2023, according to IBISWorld. With the assistance of a local tree professional, these beautiful plants on your property can remain healthy and strong. Contact TreeNewal services today for more information.