Why You Should Hire a Professional Dallas Tree Company

Date June 28, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees need regular maintenance to remove damaged branches and thin crowded foliage. Before trying to tackle tree care yourself, consider hiring a Dallas tree company to do the job properly and safely. Whether the trees on your property need minor pruning or complete removal, you might want to let a professional take care of it for you. Here are four reasons why:


Trimming and removing trees can be dangerous. You run the risk of injuring yourself, as well as other people, cars, pets, and structures. Only individuals who have been specially trained to climb trees, use pruning and sawing tools, and drop heavy branches should perform these tasks. Tree professionals understand how to trim and remove trees safely and ensure branches and trunks fall in the right direction without damaging healthy branches or other trees. They also come prepared with the safety straps, protective equipment, and climbing gear most people would need to trim trees safely.


Image via Flickr by J316

Tree care professionals have a deep understanding of tree health because they’ve spent years training and learning about it. They’re uniquely qualified to identify issues such as disease, insect infestations, and parasitism that you might not pick up on until it’s too late to save the tree. These professionals also know exactly how to treat tree diseases and the most effective ways to do so. And if your trees are in perfectly good health, a Dallas tree company can help keep them that way with proper inspection, fertilization, and trimming.


Hiring a professional to maintain or remove your trees saves you significant time and effort. They can quickly trim hard-to-reach and heavy tree branches and clear them from your property. They can also remove tree stumps, grind them into wood chips, and dispose of or haul away all parts of a tree. All you need to do is schedule the service, be present for an inspection, then carry on with your day while the professionals handle the work.


If you were to trim your trees yourself, you’d need at least a ladder, head and eye protection, a chainsaw, and pruners. That’s not to mention all the other power tools and expensive specialty equipment tree maintenance typically requires. A Dallas tree company has the safety gear, tools, equipment, and machinery to get the job done and the training to use them properly. This includes chains and machines to remove stumps and woodchippers to grind down large tree parts.


Certified arborists know which branches to remove from an overgrown tree and which ones should stay to keep the tree strong and symmetrical. They can manicure a variety of tree species correctly to keep your yard looking great and give your home’s curb appeal a boost.

By hiring a Dallas tree company to maintain your trees, you will save time and effort, stay safe, and have healthier trees as a result. If you need professional help trimming or removing trees on your property, contact our team at TreeNewal. Our certified arborists can help keep your trees and property in optimal health.