Argyle’s Essential Tree Care Tips for Every Season

Date March 01, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Argyle is home to countless species of breathtaking trees, making the city a delight to explore throughout the year. Using seasonal care options gives trees the exact support they need to continue growing big and strong. Following these tips ensures trees remain healthy and beautiful, regardless of the season.


Image via Unsplash by josechinchilla7

The spring season in Argyle usually takes place from March to May. There are several options for effective spring tree care to keep trees healthy and happy during the blooming season. For example, spring is the perfect season for establishing a strict watering schedule, as the trees can absorb significant amounts of moisture. Another tip for spring is to weed around the trees and clear out any debris that will impact their ability to absorb water or nutrients.


With summers in Texas being some of the hottest in the country, it’s important to pay extra attention to caring for trees to ensure they don’t get stressed in the heat. One of the best summer tree care tips to use in Argyle is to mulch trees regularly at the beginning of the season. This adds an extra layer of protection against dehydration for the trees’ roots, ensuring their soil stays cool, moist, and nutrient-rich.

Summer is an excellent time for pruning trees lightly, as this prepares them for the severe storms that often occur during this time of year in Texas. Removing a few branches around the canopy allows more light and air to enter. Reducing the crown in places where the canopy is too large prevents breakage and downed branches.


Fall is a more temperate season in Texas, so it’s important to optimize tree care by thoroughly inspecting all trees during this time. This will point to any signs of disease, pests, or dehydration that need addressing immediately. Another key tip for fall tree care in Texas is applying fertilizer, which will give trees extra nutrients to carry them through their dormant season in the winter.


Since the winters in Texas are often milder than in other areas, they present the perfect time to prune trees for growth and disease prevention. Pruning trees during the winter takes advantage of the dormant season, allowing trees to heal without becoming overly stressed by rapid growth. This type of pruning removes diseased or dead branches and those compromising a tree’s structural integrity.

Let TreeNewal Care for Your Trees

These are some of the best tree care tips to pamper trees throughout the year. No matter the season, there are steps to take to give trees some extra love and ensure they keep growing and sprouting beautifully. Contact us today to speak with one of our certified arborists and ask about our tree care services. We can’t wait to give your trees the care they need to keep Argyle looking gorgeous all year round.