Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex

Date September 13, 2019


Author TreeNewal Staff

When was the last time that you planted a tree in your Argyle backyard? If you’re living in a newly built subdivision, do you need to add some trees for shade?

If you’re planning to add trees to your Southlake landscape, now is the time to plant them. According to Texas A&M’s Horticulture, September through December are the perfect months to plant trees in your North Texas property.

Fall is the Best Time to Plant Trees in Your Dallas County Landscape

The fall and early winter months are the best times to plant new trees in your landscape. Here are three reasons why you need to plant trees now:

  1. The summer heat and drought are long gone. Heat and drought won’t stress saplings in the fall.
  2. New trees can develop their root systems deep into the soil before next spring. Your tree’s root system helps your woody plants survive North Texas’s climate. During the cooler fall months, saplings’ root systems weave down deep into the soil.
  3. Ball and burlap trees establish their roots in the soil before the growth surge begins in spring. Once soil temperatures reach 40°F in the spring, your trees will experience a growth spurt. A robust root system will anchor the trees to support their development.

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Why Do You Want to Plant Trees on Your Flower Mound Property?

Before you head out to the tree farm to pick your next tree, make sure you have a clear purpose in mind for that tree. Here are some common reasons to plant saplings this fall:

  • It’s part of new construction for a housing development or a commercial property.
  • It will provide privacy from neighbors and noise.
  • It’ll shade and cool your home in the summer as well as provide a shaded backyard for your children.
  • It’s for wind screening to block hard winds from knocking into your home and landscape.
  • It’s for beauty and to attract interesting birds to your property.

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The Perfect Tree for Your Double Oak Property

The fun part of adding a tree to your property comes when you go to the nursery to pick out your trees. After you define your purpose for your new trees, you choose the species that will meet your needs.

It’s always best to start with native trees, but there other trees that are adapted to North Texas’s climate. Here are 30 native and adapted trees to pick from

  1. Tree cholla
  1. Desert willow
  1. Engelman’s prickly pear
  1. Sweet mock orange
  1. Chinese photinia
  1. Pinyon pine
  1. Texas pistachio
  1. Honey mesquite
  1. Ash juniper
  1. Rocky Mountain juniper
  1. Eastern red cedar
  1. American elderberry
  1. Mexican elderberry
  1. Mexican Buckeye
  1. Chaste tree
  1. Yucca (Spanish daggers)
  1. Sumac
  2. Live oak
  3. Texas red oak
  4. Bur oak
  5. Mexican white oak
  1. Chinkapin oak
  1. Lacy oak
  1. Canby oak
  1. Big tooth maple
  1. Texas ash
  1. Cedar elm
  1. Bald cypress
  1. Mexican sycamore
  1. Eve’s necklace.

Why You Need TreeNewal’s Certified Arborists to Plant Trees in Your Tarrant or Wise County Backyard

Planting new trees in a landscape takes a lot of expertise to get the job done correctly. Plus, you want your trees to come from a reputable tree farm that only sells vibrant stock.

At TreeNewal, we evaluate the site where you want your new trees—whether it’s a construction site, a backyard, or a commercial property. We’ll help you decide what trees will meet your property’s needs as well as we work with tree farms that only sell healthy stock.

Our arborists will plant your trees for you as well as apply mulch to help hold in moisture as the tree roots spread out and develop underground.

Then, in the spring, we’ll visit your property to apply our tree fertilization.

Our tree fertilization program provides your woody plants with MitoGrow™ (a rooting hormone), Biochar, as well as fulvic and humic acids to establish healthy root systems that go deep into the soil, as well as a vibrant tree from the trunk all the way up to the canopy.

If you’re ready for our certified arborists to help you select the perfect trees for your Parker County property, call us today at tel:(817) 592-6846 or fill out our contact form.

TreeNewal services the following counties in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex: Collin, Dallas, Denton, Parker, Tarrant and Wise.

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