Tree Fertilization (Treenewal Process) Biochar, Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid, MitoGrow

Date April 07, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

In some ways, trees operate similarly to the human body. They require essential nutrients to not only grow but thrive. Providing these nutrients will ensure the growth of healthy trees surrounding your property.

The process of administering nutrients necessary for growth is called tree fertilization. Fertilizer is a substance that contains vital nutrients and minerals to help trees:

  • Grow substantially over an appropriate period of time
  • Increase the resistance of harmful insects and diseases
  • Reduce the number of weeds
  • Enhance soil protection

Without proper fertilization, your trees could become susceptible to varying factors that can inhibit their growth. At TreeNewal, we use a special, proprietary fertilizer blend proven to leverage sufficient tree health on your property. This concoction is best suited to give you the highest return on your investment – which is a long-living tree that provides shade, creates oxygen and adds value to your property.

Benefits of Our MitoGrow Blend

We use a unique blend of substances with our MitoGrow, a popular plant root stimulant used by thousands of ISA Certified Arborists and property owners across the world. Our proven formula contains a wide variety of essential elements that optimize and accelerate healthy tree growth. These substances include:

  • Biochar – This charcoal-like substance is commonly used as a soil amendment for both soil health and carbon sequestration. Biochar can improve soil fertility and boost plant growth.
  • Humic Acid – A group of molecules designed to help plants take in more water and essential nutrients, this substance can regulate the pH values of soil and dramatically increases the yield of plants.
  • Fulvic Acid – Similar to humic acid, fulvic acid is an organic substance that can improve the intake of vital nutrients and leverage increased resistance to fungal attacks.

Combined with these substances, our MitoGrow solution can provide tangible benefits for the trees on your real estate.

You should avoid treating your plants with any basic fertilizer as the wrong substance could put your trees at risk for pest and fungal infestations. Over time, a damaged tree could pose a significant risk to your property and the well-being of you and your family. You can avoid this pitfall by choosing the best fertilizer on the market. A strong, healthy tree is a typically safer tree.

Using our Mitogrow blend is sure to put you on the strongest foot forward. By selecting our product, we can introduce you to our special process of fertilizing your trees.

Step #1 – Tree Diagnoses

Before we begin our fertilization process, we will have to perform comprehensive diagnoses on the quality of your trees. This is because adding any fertilizer to the soil is only recommended if a deficiency is present.

During our initial consultation, we will identify any factors (such as the environment and stressors) that are affecting the quality of your trees. Afterward, our MitroGrow solution is then used to calculate the exact amount of fertilizer that must be used to treat your soil, depending on the type, size, and condition of your trees.

Step #2 – Root Aeration

Using our specialized resources, we will create precise injection points in a circular pattern down the tree’s dripline. The dripline is defined as the area under the canopy of a tree. This is the area where most of the tree’s roots are located.

Through this process, the roots will receive direct access to oxygen, allowing the tree to extract nutrients and water from the soil more effectively. These holes are also plugged with our special fertilizer for enhanced growth.

Step #3 – MitroGrow Application

The final step of our fertilization process is the implementation of our MitoGrow and proprietary blended fertilizer. By inserting an equal amount of both substances into the aeration points, your trees will reap the most benefits from fertilization and aeration.

In fact, these effects can last up to a year. In this process, your trees would become revitalized on a long-term basis, reducing the frequency of multiple applications throughout the year.

Ultimately, our branded fertilizer can successfully lead to result in the following benefits for your property:

  • Increases tree roots access to oxygen, helping to stimulate positive growth and health
  • Provides nutrients to trees for up to a year
  • Achieves root hair growth which improves the resiliency of trees that are susceptible to pest and fungal infestations
  • Only one application is needed every year
  • Cost-effective in comparison to replacing damaged trees

Our tree fertilization process is designed to save you money in the long run, while keeping your trees perfectly healthy.

Do Your Trees Need to Be Fertilized?

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