Why You Remove the Burlap Root Barrier to Optimize Tree Growth

Date May 31, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff


In this insightful episode, we delve into the crucial topic of burlap root barriers and their impact on tree growth. Join us as we uncover the reasons why it is essential to remove these barriers during planting. With expert guidance from our arborist, we explore the negative effects of burlap on soil moisture and the tree’s long-term health. Discover the importance of root collar correction and how it can optimize tree growth.

Core Question:

Why is it crucial to remove the burlap root barrier during tree planting? Join us as we explore this question and gain valuable insights into the adverse effects of burlap barriers on tree health and the importance of root collar correction.

Clip Information:

In this informative clip, TreeNewal’s VP of Operations, Wes Rivers, highlights the detrimental consequences of burlap root barriers and excessive mulching on tree growth.

Key Points Covered:

  • The barrier created by burlap hindering air and water flow to the tree’s root ball.
  • The prolonged lifespan of artificial burlap in the soil, lasting for decades and impeding proper root development.
  • The importance of root collar correction to expose the tree’s flare and prevent moisture buildup around the trunk.

According to Rivers, burlap root barriers obstruct the exchange of air and water with the soil, depriving the tree of essential resources. Furthermore, the artificial burlap used can persist in the soil for over 50 years, creating a long-lasting problem if not removed during planting.

Excessive mulching, in addition, covers the tree’s flare, making it difficult to distinguish the transition from the trunk to the buttress roots. Consequently, this moisture-trapping environment induces stress and negatively impacts the tree’s health.

To address these issues, our arborist emphasizes root collar correction. By carefully removing soil and mulch around the tree’s base, the flare is exposed, enabling proper airflow and preventing moisture buildup against the trunk. As a result, this correction promotes healthier tree growth and reduces the risk of stress-related issues.

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Optimizing tree growth requires understanding the impact of burlap root barriers and the importance of root collar correction. Join us in this insightful tutorial to learn more about these common planting mistakes and how to provide your trees with the best environment for healthy and thriving growth.

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