The Importance of a Local Southlake Tree Company for Your Landscaping Needs

Date July 05, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Whether a tree needs to come down after a storm or a newly planted sapling isn’t thriving, a lot goes into caring for a yard. Thankfully, a qualified arborist can help. Learn the importance of a local Southlake tree company for residential landscaping needs.

Ensure Health for Life

Image via Pexels by Alfo Medeiros

A tree needs proper care to stay healthy for life. Tasks such as pruning, fertilizing, and testing for soil quality are a mystery to many homeowners. Thankfully, Southlake tree companies provide various landscape services to keep trees and other plants disease free and looking their best. Depending on the season, this can include springtime mulching or trimming dead or damaged limbs in the winter.

Certified Arborists Have the Right Tools

While minor tree trimming can be relatively simple, there are times to leave the job to the experts. Hacking through a 3-inch branch with a handsaw can leave the butchered stump vulnerable to pests and diseases. Whether the tree is tall or a large limb is broken, having the right equipment to service a yard is essential for safety and efficiency. Items such as hoists, woodchippers, and climbing equipment are all part of a professional landscaper’s arsenal.

Certified Arborists Are Highly Trained

Poor trimming can damage a tree for life. That’s why hiring an arborist certified through the International Society of Arborists (ISA) is important, especially if the affected limb is more than a few inches in diameter. This process is labor-intensive and requires more than just cutting skills since inexperienced people can do more harm than good by creating entry points for disease, pests, and decay. Highly trained landscapers also understand plant biology and the physics of trees.

Certified Arborists Understand Ordinances

Qualified Southlake tree companies, such as TreeNewal, help property owners and commercial developers comply with the area’s preservation ordinances by safely removing protected trees from construction areas. Texas has tree preservation plans and regulations in most cities designed to preserve the sustainability of the state’s forests. Landscaping companies that offer tree mitigation services will work to protect existing trees as required by law while minimizing compliance costs for residential customers and builders.

Tree Trimming Can Be Dangerous

Trimming and removing trees can be dangerous. Whether the canopy has been damaged by a Texas storm or the trunk is in the way of a new garage, most homeowners aren’t qualified to handle the necessary tasks. An expert tree removal service will assess the situation and determine the best course of action to ensure safety first. Because a reputable company will also be bonded and insured, customers are protected in case of a mishap on their property.

Now that you know how important a local Southlake tree company is for landscaping needs, call the ISA-certified arborists at TreeNewal for more information. Our commitment to service goes beyond the trees. We offer solutions our customers can count on. Contact us today to learn what we can do.