Flower Mound Tree Lightning Protection: Safeguarding Your Green Giants

Date October 15, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

The whims of the weather can have a hefty impact on the health of trees. Knowing what to do if trees crack or get hit by lightning can help keep them safe and healthy. Keep reading to learn about TreeNewal’s tree emergency services and how we can help in case of a tree lightning strike.

How Can Storms Affect Your Trees?

Image via Unsplash by Shlomo Shalev

Storms are commonplace in Flower Mound, Texas, before and after the summer months. These storms and their high winds can have a big impact on trees. Excessive winds can cause tree cracks, make branches fall, and even uproot trees with weak root systems. All of this puts trees at risk of pest damage and disease and can even cause damage to property and injury to people.

But it’s not just the wind and rain that can harm trees. Snow and ice storms can have an adverse effect as well. Taking care of trees before the storm season hits can make a world of difference to keeping green giants happy and healthy.

How Can Lightning Affect Your Trees?

Another big worry during the stormy months is lightning. This phenomenon can damage beautiful trees, whether minimally invasive or catastrophically explosive. When lightning hits a tree, it causes its cells to boil, as the tree uses and stores immense amounts of water. This boiling generates steam, which can then lead to a build-up of pressure. As the pressure increases, so does the risk of the tree cracking or exploding from the increased stress of the steam.

Lightning can also kill tree tissue strips, causing them to grow unevenly or even die altogether. Keeping damaged trees can not only affect the health of the lightning-strike trees but also pose a risk to other trees. This is because, if left untreated, damaged trees increase the chance of disease or pests that can then spread to the healthy trees. Consequently, the rest of the trees can be at risk of damage or dying.

Flower Mound Tree Lightning Protection

Here at TreeNewal, we offer tree emergency services in response to the severe storms that may come in Flower Mound. This includes responding to any tree damage occurring from lightning strikes. Our team of experts will come on-site to stabilize the trees until after the storm is over. Then, when the sunny skies reign supreme, we can come out and tend to these green giants, whether trimming back lightning damage or removing the tree altogether to promote the health of the other trees.

Ready To Protect Your Green Giants?

To take care of and protect your green giants, call the ISA-Certified experts at TreeNewal. We can tend to lightening-hit trees and help sustain the health and wellness of all your trees. We have the tools and know-how to prune, remove, and fertilize trees to keep them healthy for years to come.