The Environmental Benefits of Proper Tree Maintenance

Date July 26, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

Over the centuries, trees have played an important role in the human experience. They have provided essential items like housing materials and firewood as well as beautiful natural scenery. If you love the trees on your property, you no doubt want to ensure that they stay in good condition over the years. You’re far from alone in this goal. In fact, according to IBIS World, the tree trimming services industry has a market size of $29.8 billion. Of course, maintaining your trees does a lot more than just make them look good. It can help the environment, too. Here are some environmental benefits of proper tree maintenance.

Keep Diseased Trees From Infecting Healthy Ones

Think of your yard like an open office. If one person shows up sick and starts sneezing all over the place, then the people around them are going to also get sick. The same goes for trees. A diseased tree can wind up infecting healthy ones, causing a negative chain reaction. By maintaining your trees, you can prevent or limit the spread of illness.

Help Your Trees Grow Healthily

Trees need plenty of love and care to thrive. Neglected trees that aren’t regularly pruned can wind up having their growth stunted. Have a professional perform an inspection of trees in your yard and prune the ones that need the most care. This will help the trees grow more healthily and emit cleaner air.

Keep Nutrients in the Soil

Every tree needs to absorb nutrients from the soil to stay healthy. However, a diseased tree will take more than its fair share, which will drain the soil of its nutrients before long. This will soon leave the soil with few or no nutrients. An inspection of trees will help you catch any diseases early on to prevent this problem.

Proper tree maintenance can help the environment in many ways. Healthy trees clean the groundwater that cities use as a water supply. Their roots pull out the pollutants. Trees can also improve the weather by reducing temperatures and the moisture in the air, leading to a more comfortable environment. Trees additionally provide shade for homes, which can cool them down and save energy. For all these reasons and more, it’s vital to take good care of the trees on your property. If you’re looking for reliable experts to conduct an inspection of trees, contact TreeNewal today. We look forward to helping you keep your trees healthy!