Flower Mound’s Guide to Tree Root Health

Date December 05, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees get much of their nutrients and all their water from their roots. Since the roots are such an important part of a tree, it’s crucial to maintain them so they can keep feeding the trees. There are many reasons to pay attention to root health, and doing so can offer countless benefits to the trees and all the greenery in Flower Mound. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of prioritizing tree root health in Flower Mound, including the ways it enhances the overall well-being of trees in the area.

Promote Effective Drainage

Image via Flickr by KateR

It’s no secret that tree roots absorb water, but too much water around a root system can cause problems for a tree and the surrounding areas. Frequently treating and loosening the soil around roots with processes such as AirSpade and aeration will ensure they have room to breathe and take in all the water they need.

When root systems become compacted because the soil around them is too tight, they’re unable to absorb water at their normal rate. This results in flooding, which can drown a tree and cause conditions such as root rot. Flooded root systems can also create pools of water on a landscape, which poses a hazard to pedestrians who aren’t expecting them.

Enable Strong Growth

When a tree has healthy roots, it can grow big and strong. Since trees often exist among various other types of plants, they compete for nutrients with grass, shrubs, and other greenery. When the root system has room to spread and is healthy enough to absorb water and nutrients, it can protect the tree from malnutrition and dehydration that may occur when the roots grow too weak or start to die. This allows trees to keep growing and spreading their roots, ensuring they remain strong over the years.

Ensure Beautiful and Healthy Trees

Taking extra care of the roots will keep trees beautiful and healthy for years to come. It will also help to maintain all the trees and other greenery around Flower Mound. Healthy trees support others around them, providing clean air, shade, and opportunities for flowering plants to pollinate other healthy plants. Engaging in regular root maintenance will keep the Flower Mound area lush and support the overall well-being of all the trees.

How TreeNewal Can Pamper a Tree’s Roots

This overview highlights the importance of maintaining tree root health. With benefits such as encouraging growth and facilitating proper drainage, prioritizing a healthy root system is one of the best ways to ensure happy trees. When you’re ready to give some extra love and care to your tree’s roots, TreeNewal can help. We offer services including tree fertilization and nutrition, soil testing and evaluation, and soil conditioning, which will keep root systems healthy and functional. Our team of expert tree doctors can’t wait to give Flower Mound trees and their roots some well-deserved pampering.