Southlake’s Guide to Sustainable Tree Planting

Date November 30, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Planting new trees is one of the best ways to participate in the worldwide fight for environmental sustainability. There are countless benefits to planting new trees on a property, especially when opting for species native to the Southlake area that can help improve the climate. This guide to tree planting in Southlake explains what property owners can do to enhance sustainability in their neighborhoods.

Best Tree Species for the Southlake Climate

Image via Unsplash by George Bakos

There are many trees common in the Southlake area that are outstanding choices for planting, especially if property owners are concerned about sustainability. Cedar elm trees, for example, are prevalent in Texas, with many referring to them as Texas elms. With a great height and late-summer flowering season, this tree species can produce breathtaking canopies that provide great oxygen boosts in the air.

The Chinese pistache is another species that thrives in Southlake largely due to its love of the sun and resilience in the heat and drought that’s all too common in the Lonestar state. With an average height between 25 and 35 feet, the Chinese pistache offers exceptional shade when it reaches adulthood and can thrive in both urban and suburban areas.

For fans of oak trees, a live oak might be the best bet for planting in Southlake. These trees have extensive life spans, with many living to be several centuries old. As an evergreen species that provides excellent shade, live oaks can make the perfect addition to a residential space or public area when property owners want a sturdy tree that’ll last a long time.

Benefits of Sustainable Tree Planting

There are several environmental benefits of sustainable tree planting, all of which can preserve the health of trees and our community. For example, planting trees can help keep busy areas cool, as they regulate heat and airflow as they breathe. Sustainably planted trees also provide habitats for native wildlife, allowing animals and insects that are key to environmental health to thrive. Since rain and wind often have the power to damage exposed soil, planting trees helps keep the soil strong and rich in nutrients by protecting it from direct precipitation and weather.

Engaging in sustainable tree planting also contributes to the 17 sustainable development goals the United Nations set in 2015. These aim to increase sustainability worldwide and enhance environmental protection through natural means. For example, sustainably planting trees helps with goals such as good health and well-being, clean water and sanitation, and climate action.

How TreeNewal’s Services Ensure Healthy Trees

If you want to contribute to environmental sustainability in Southlake, consider adding some new native trees to your property. After your planting is complete, reach out to the team at TreeNewal to learn how we can help keep your trees beautiful and healthy for years. We offer a wide array of services, including soil conditioning, aeration, and tree nutrition and fertilization. Regardless of what your new trees need, we’re excited to guide you through giving them all the care and pampering they deserve.