Soil Testing for Trees: Why It Matters

Date October 04, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Soil testing and analysis is one of the best ways to ensure trees remain healthy and luscious. This is because testing the soil in an area where trees are planted can help identify potential threats to their health. It can also give homeowners a chance to find the best places to plant new trees, as they can locate the areas of their property with the best soil quality. Here’s more information about soil testing for trees and why it matters.

Evaluating Tree Health

Image via Unsplash by Glen Carrie

One of the most important aspects of soil testing for trees is that it can give insight into their overall health. By testing soil samples from around the tree, it’s possible to identify diseases and pests that may be present in the root system. Similarly, soil testing can indicate contamination in the soil, such as runoff from chemicals or an excess of fertilizer. Both can be detrimental to tree health, and soil testing can help homeowners act quickly when signs of these problems arise.

Determining Tree Needs

Testing the soil around a tree can also help to determine its needs. For example, soil testing can show when a tree lacks specific nutrients, which may dictate which type of fertilizer or soil enrichment services, such as aeration, is necessary. Soil testing can also indicate how much fertilizer to use, as it can show when soil is too saturated or needs more fertilizer. Aside from boosting a tree’s health and growth, this can also save homeowners money by preventing them from purchasing too much fertilizer and using it too frequently.

Preserving Optimal Growing Conditions

To ensure a tree can grow and thrive, it’s helpful to test the soil to evaluate the growing conditions. For example, if a soil test shows that the soil in which numerous slow-growing trees are planted is lacking in key nutrients. Another option is to add a mixture of new soil or fertilizer to promote proper growth. This is most often done by evaluating the pH and salt levels in the soil, as it’s best to avoid planting in soil that’s too acidic or has too much salt content, which makes it dry.

A soil test can also help people decide where to plant new trees. They can test the soil in various areas around their property to identify which parts of their outdoor spaces have the most nutrient-rich and moisture-holding soil. Testing the soil before planting can help avoid choosing a spot that may hinder how efficiently the trees grow.

Let TreeNewal Test the Soil of Your Trees

These are just a few reasons why soil testing is important for the health of your trees. If you live in the Dallas or Fort Worth areas and need soil testing, look no further. TreeNewal can help you, as we offer soil testing and evaluation services. If your soil needs extra love, we can provide soil conditioning to get it back in tip-top shape. Visit our website or call us today to learn more about how we can assist you in ensuring your trees have the nutrient-rich soil they deserve.