Reviving Distressed Trees in Dallas: The MitoGrow Solution

Date January 26, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

A tree experiencing high levels of stress shows symptoms quickly. Wilted leaves or dead branches can lead to more significant problems over time, such as cracking and death. MitoGrow is a powerful solution tree care companies like TreeNewal use to strengthen distressed trees and encourage proper growth and healing. Learning about what causes distressed trees in Dallas and how MitoGrow can help revive them is essential to ensure they continue to thrive.

Causes of Tree Stress

Image via Unsplash by qinghill

One of the most common causes of tree stress is overwatering, which floods the root system and prevents the tree from absorbing enough water, air, and nutrients. Underwatering is equally damaging. Improper pruning is another leading cause of distress, especially for smaller trees. Pruning trees too often or insufficiently can create issues. For example, pruning a tree during the wrong season creates the risk of removing buds before they bloom and weakening the canopy, which results in premature wilting.

Nearby demolition and construction also cause stress to trees, especially if work disturbs the soil around trees. It can also lead to compacted soil, which prevents nutrients and water from reaching trees’ roots. In the same way, incorrectly planting a tree will almost always lead to stress since planting in poor-quality soil or nutrient-bare areas reduces the tree’s ability to grow and spread its roots effectively.

Advantages of Using MitoGrow

Using MitoGrow offers many advantages, such as application flexibility. Methods for applying MitoGrow include pouring it directly on the root zone, blending it with another fertilizer, and administering it through an irrigation system. Property owners can adjust the method and amount of MitoGrow they use depending on a tree’s condition, ensuring it gets the treatment it needs to thrive. MitoGrow has an advantage over other root stimulators, as its formula doesn’t contain anything that harms the environment or competes with other organisms.

Another key benefit of MitoGrow is its effectiveness in preventing tree diseases. Property owners can protect their trees while treating their distress, ensuring they remain strong and healthy for years. MitoGrow works with other fertilizers and pesticides, so there’s no need to choose between it and another solution if property owners already use something to boost tree health. With its long shelf life and water solubility, MitoGrow is one of the easiest root stimulators to use.

How TreeNewal Revives Distressed Trees in Dallas with MitoGrow

If you notice distressed trees on or near your property, it’s likely time to treat them with MitoGrow to ensure they heal quickly and properly. TreeNewal can help, as our team of certified tree doctors knows how to expertly evaluate trees and administer MitoGrow, ensuring your trees get the perfect boost for their health. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and book your MitoGrow services online. We’ll schedule one of our experts to revive your trees as soon as possible.