Fort Worth’s Top Tips for Tree Soil Nutrition

Date December 08, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Maintaining soil nutrition is one of the most important aspects of ensuring healthy and beautiful trees. It includes fertilization, aeration, and testing to verify that a plot of soil is nutrient-dense enough to support a tree’s growth effectively. While it’s best to evaluate soil health before planting, property owners can also care for soil nutrition after trees are already planted and growing. This article offers a few tips for tree soil nutrition in Fort Worth, including how TreeNewal can help optimize soil health to give trees everything they need.

Vital Nutrients Trees Require

Image via Unsplash by Zoe Schaeffer

A tree needs various nutrients throughout its life, and the exact substances it needs change as it ages. For example, young trees often need less nitrogen than older trees, and too much nitrogen in the soil can cause health and growing problems for a tree in its early life stages. In contrast, older trees require more nitrogen to produce chlorophyll, which allows them to convert water and sunlight into food and grow beautiful green leaves.

Phosphorous is another key nutrient for trees that helps them grow strong root systems and produce flowers, seeds, and fruit during blooming seasons. Trees that flower often need higher levels of potassium to ensure healthy fruit production, and this nutrient also helps all trees fight off disease and stay resilient during cold weather.

How To Ensure Rich Soil for Fort Worth Trees

Property owners can follow several steps to ensure their trees have rich soil with sufficient nutrients. One of the best methods for soil enrichment is applying fertilizer to trees, though using the right kind is important. For example, many trees don’t respond well to fertilizers with high phosphorous and potassium ratios or too much nitrogen, which can be too potent. It’s also best to find a fertilizer with a low salt index, as too much salt is harmful. Slow-release fertilizers are typically the best, as they don’t overwhelm a tree with too many chemicals.

Another way to ensure the soil has the right level of nutrients is to test the pH levels; this will provide information about whether the soil is acidic or basic, helping property owners choose the right fertilizer to use. Many trees struggle to thrive in overly acidic soil, so testing the pH levels can help property owners understand the health conditions a tree can develop when its soil has the wrong pH.

Try TreeNewal’s Soil Enrichment Services

These are a few key ways to ensure your trees have enriched, nutrient-dense soil to thrive in. Contact us directly at TreeNewal to learn more about our soil conditioning services, all of which guarantee healthy and luscious soil your trees will appreciate. Our team of expert tree doctors will test the soil, recommend the best fertilizers to use, and aerate it if it shows signs of compacting. With TreeNewal on your side, your trees will thank you for the extra care the soil will receive.