Arlington’s Top Soil Aeration Services by TreeNewal

Date September 25, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Soil aeration is one of the most important aspects of maintaining tree health. It’s a process that loosens a plot of soil by punching small holes in the ground and bringing some of the deeper soil to the surface, allowing air, water, and nutrients into the soil. Aerating the soil around a tree can provide several benefits, including helping a tree have a longer, healthier life span.

Hiring a professional tree care company like TreeNewal to aerate the soil ensures homeowners get expert advice and outstanding technical service. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of soil aeration and how TreeNewal can help.

What Are the Benefits of Soil Aeration?

Image via Flickr by Alabama Extension

There are many benefits to aerating the soil around a tree, the first of which is reducing compacted soil. When soil becomes too tightly compacted, root systems are unable to expand and take in nutrients efficiently. It can also reduce the amount of oxygen a tree receives through its roots, causing it to weaken and develop health problems. Aeration also helps roots grow properly, as they typically continue to grow throughout a tree’s life. Without regular aeration, these roots can become tangled and compressed, stunting their growth and weakening the tree.

Another benefit to aeration is that it improves soil drainage, which is crucial for tree health. If soil doesn’t drain properly, it can pool with water, leading to fungus growth, the development of root rot, and the hastening of other tree diseases. Regularly aerating the soil ensures excess water drains instead of drowning the roots in standing water, allowing them to breathe and absorb nutrients from the soil.

Aeration can also improve the effectiveness of fertilizer. Loose soil offers more room for deep-root fertilizers and other chemical treatments to absorb into a tree’s roots.

What Aeration Services Does TreeNewal Offer?

As a professional tree care company with a staff of certified arborists, TreeNewal provides expert aeration services. Our team uses AirSpade tools to carefully clear and loosen the soil around trees to get to the root of any problems. After examining the root flare, our tree doctors can determine any issues threatening a tree’s health. They’ll then aerate the soil and provide any other soil enrichment procedures trees may need. Whether trees need fertilizing or treatment for root decay, TreeNewal has the expertise homeowners need.

Let TreeNewal Take Care of Aeration

There are many benefits of aerating the soil. With an expert care company like TreeNewal, you can rest easy knowing your soil is getting the care it needs to remain rich in nutrients, oxygen, and water to help your trees thrive and have a long, healthy life span. If you’re ready to hire a professional service to take care of soil aeration on your property, contact us directly to speak with a certified arborist about how to get started.