Argyle’s Tree Pest Management: Protecting Your Trees From Infestations

Date August 08, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

Along with severe weather conditions and disease, pests present the most serious natural threat to trees. Without intervention, an infestation can cause a tree to die by damaging its structural integrity or disrupting photosynthesis. That can affect humans, as trees are necessary to counter the effects of climate change.

It’s crucial for homeowners who have an infested tree on their property to seek treatment as soon as possible. Discover how TreeNewal’s pest management services in Argyle can help protect trees from harmful insects.

What Are Tree Pests?

Image via Pixabay by Deedster

A tree pest is any insect that can hinder a tree’s healthy growth and development. Not all tree pests are alike; some infestations are more severe than others. The mildest infestations involve pests that eat away at a tree’s leaves or fruit, while the worst ones are wood-boring infestations that eat through the bark, cutting off the tree’s natural ability to transport water and nutrients from its roots to its leaves. In the latter case, the infestation may kill the tree, compromising its structural integrity and increasing the risk of collapse.

5 Common Tree Pests

Here are five of the most common tree pests and the type of damage they cause:

  • Gypsy moth: The larvae feed on the leaves of hardwood trees such as elm, maple, and oak.
  • Aphids: These small, soft-bodied bugs feed on leaves and sap, particularly on fruit trees, willows, pines, and poplars.
  • Whiteflies: Though whiteflies eat the undersides of leaves, their danger primarily lies in their capacity to transmit plant diseases and increase mold through sticky excretions. Ash and Bradford pear trees are among their common targets.
  • Scale insects: Like whiteflies, scale insects excrete a sticky substance that promotes mold growth. They also suck the sap from trees such as ash, maple, and willow, which can hinder growth and cause tree death.
  • Emerald ash borers: Emerald ash borers are wood-boring pests that target ash trees. They’re responsible for the deaths of millions of ash trees and one of the most dangerous tree pests.

How Homeowners Can Protect Their Trees From Pest Infestations

Protecting trees from pest infestations is essential for preserving their health and longevity. Here are some steps homeowners can take to keep pests under control:

  • Observe: Look for telltale signs of infestation, such as leaf discoloration, thinning foliage, and boreholes.
  • Water, fertilize, and mulch: A healthy tree can better withstand infestations, so homeowners should keep their trees well hydrated and ensure the soil is healthy.
  • Prune wisely: Pruning also fosters good health by promoting airflow and exposure to sunlight. It’s important to prune in the colder months when many pests are dormant.
  • Clear away debris: Decaying fruit, leaves, and branches provide pests with a haven where they can hibernate and thrive.

Stay Pest-Free with TreeNewal

If you’ve followed the above tips but still have an infestation on your hands, get in touch with a professional. At TreeNewal, our ISA-certified arborists understand the protocols for assessing trees, diagnosing infestations, and developing an effective care plan to restore their health. Call us at 817-329-2450 or drop a message online to get the help you need.