Revitalizing Dallas Parks: TreeNewal’s Role in Urban Greenery

Date January 12, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

The term “urban greenery” refers to public spaces that are abundant in plant life. Creating green spaces within cities is mutually beneficial to residents and the environment. It helps mitigate urban heat, prevent flooding, offset greenhouse gases, promote biodiversity among local wildlife, and improve residents’ well-being by encouraging physical activity and social interaction. Because urban greenery is so advantageous to both people and the planet, it has become a major initiative across North Texas, and TreeNewal is proud to contribute to these efforts to green the state’s metropolises.

How TreeNewal Helps Develop Urban Green Spaces

Image via Unsplash by Carlos Alfonso

At TreeNewal, our Dallas urban tree services focus on improving the health of trees through sustainable practices, including those covered below.

Structural Pruning

Structural pruning is the practice of selectively and strategically removing parts of a tree to improve its health and prevent defects. The process involves cutting back any dead or damaged limbs to promote the growth of a single central stem. In doing so, we help produce trees that are attractive additions to urban environments and less disposed to failure.
Structural pruning is especially important for trees that grow near walkways, buildings, parking lots, and other urban structures. Without proper pruning, urban trees can collapse onto property and passersby, presenting a constant and potentially costly danger to the surrounding area.


Urban trees that grow in low-fertility areas need added nutrients, by way of fertilizer, to thrive. Without the proper nutrition, trees may exhibit symptoms such as dull foliage, small leaves, leaf necrosis, brittle limbs, and chlorosis, which is often accompanied by other concerns, including dieback and stunting. Some of these symptoms, particularly brittle limbs, present a hazard to people and properties within a city. A fertilized tree, however, is likelier to grow lush and resistant to hazards such as insects and diseases.

Ongoing Tree Care

Even trees that grow in optimal conditions face existential dangers, including pests and disease. Because ongoing tree care is necessary to diagnose problems and promote longevity, TreeNewal includes insect and disease management among its service offerings. TreeNewal’s arborists are ISA certified and highly experienced, so they have the necessary expertise to identify and treat arboreal health problems. Their efforts help prevent the spread of infestations and infections, allowing Dallas parks to remain vibrant and beautiful.

How Residents Can Help Revitalize Dallas Parks

Dallas residents can help keep the city’s green spaces looking great with the following practices:

  • Prioritizing cleanliness: Residents can help by disposing of their trash in receptacles and picking up litter whenever possible.
  • Supporting park staff: Reporting violations, such as vandalism and misuse of grounds, helps keep city parks clean.
  • Promoting fundraising: A well-funded parks system helps create better parks.
  • Becoming a sponsor: Sponsorship by community members and organizations is an important source of nontraditional revenue.

TreeNewal is a full-service tree care company proudly serving North Texas. In addition to the Dallas urban tree services described above, we also maintain greenery in public and private spaces through diagnosis, treatment, and consultation. To learn more about our methods and service offerings, contact us online, or call us at 817-329-2450. We look forward to helping Dallas/Fort Worth residents beautify and preserve the local area through sustainable tree care practices.