Argyle’s Choice for Expert Tree Maintenance: TreeNewal

Date October 31, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Like all plants, trees require maintenance to reach their full potential. At TreeNewal, we offer various services to treat and care for trees in Argyle, Texas. Our tree care experts serve residential and commercial customers to keep their trees healthy and vibrant. Learn more about the importance of tree maintenance in Argyle and our services at TreeNewal.

Tree Trimming

Image via Unsplash by David Vig

Tree trimming involves thinning or removing branches to keep a tree’s structure. Our expert arborists provide trimming to maintain the size and shape of trees. Some customers also request these services when they want to remove a branch to allow more light into their homes or yards. Trimming is vital to maintaining trees to keep them healthy and improve their appearance.

Tree Pruning

Like tree trimming, pruning is cutting back branches to remove damaged or diseased limbs. It’s an important part of a tree maintenance plan, but the need for pruning is usually less frequent than trimming. Some reasons to prune trees include:

  • Maintaining and improving a tree’s health.
  • Managing a tree’s flower or fruit production.
  • Reducing the risks of disease.
  • Keeping dead or weak branches from falling and causing damage.

Carrying out pruning at the right time ensures it’s effective. Pruning too often or waiting too long to prune can result in damage or even death. Our Argyle tree care specialists have years of experience pruning trees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and they provide customers with expert advice and recommendations for when and how often to prune.

Tree Nutrition

Along with trimming and pruning, trees need nutrition to grow and thrive. Trees produce their own food through photosynthesis, but sometimes, more is required. Environmental stressors common in North Texas, such as construction, drought, and even ice storms, can wreak havoc on a tree’s nutrition.

As part of our nutrition and fertilization services, our arborists evaluate the soil around a tree and create a customized solution to meet a tree’s specific needs. We use a high-quality blended fertilizer with MitoGrow, a patented root stimulator that releases slowly to continue providing trees with essential nutrients for up to one year. This helps to minimize a tree’s stress during the prolonged droughts in North Texas.

Tree Disease and Insect Management

With preventive maintenance, Argyle homeowners can protect their trees from diseases, fungi, and insects common to the Dallas-Fort Worth region. Some conditions, such as oak wilt, have few treatment options, so preventing infections before they begin is important. At TreeNewal, our disease and insect management services include pruning branches, improving the soil condition, and providing nourishment. Our arborists work with customers who have trees susceptible to infestation, developing customized plans to protect trees and keep them healthy.

Trust TreeNewal for Tree Maintenance in Argyle

TreeNewal can provide your trees with care and maintenance. From trimming and pruning to fertilization and disease management, our comprehensive services can maintain your trees’ health and keep them looking beautiful. Contact us today for more information about our tree maintenance services in Argyle.