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Diseased Tree Services

Do you think your tree has a tree fungus or tree infestation? Our ISA-certified arborists help diseased trees in Argyle all the time. Our tree services to help diseased trees include pruning affected limbs, improving the tree’s soil, nourishing the tree, and if necessary, applying technical treatment to ward off tree fungus and tree infestation. If you suspect tree disease, call our ISA-certified arborists, who act as tree doctors and assess your tree’s health and come up with a personalized treatment plan.


About TreeNewal

We exist to help Argyle homeowners and property managers with diseased tree services, as well as fulfill all their annual tree care needs. As ISA-certified arborists with specialized education in caring for trees, we’ve been providing Argyle tree services for 15+ years. We know the Argyle landscape and we know how to save your tree from tree disease.


Our Services

At TreeNewal, we pride ourselves on offering a full range of Argyle tree services. Our tree care services include:

  • Diseased Tree Services – If you suspect your tree has tree fungus or a tree infestation, call our tree doctors. We’ll assess tree health, prune affected branches, and create a treatment plan to save your diseased tree.


  • Tree Maintenance – All trees need to be maintained yearly. One important tree maintenance need is proper tree nourishment. We assist with this task so your trees will grow healthy and strong for years to come.


  • Tree Pruning – Argyle trees need to be pruned every year, typically in the late spring and early fall. Some species need pruning at different times of the year, though. And then, sometimes trees need pruning regardless of the season if they are diseased, or have broken, damaged, or falling limbs. Our ISA-certified arborists have the experience and know-how to properly prune your trees given your specific needs.


  • Tree Installation – In order to properly plant a new or transferred tree, you need to know details about what makes its species thrive. Our ISA-certified arborists know just that and can plant new trees on your property so they’ll take root and grow.


  • Tree Removal – Do you have a dead tree? Do you have a fallen tree? Are you planning a home improvement project like addition or patio extension, but have a tree in the way? Whatever your unique need, we can perform tree cutting for proper and safe tree removal.


  • Tree Emergency Response Team – Tree emergencies are common after big storms. Heavy winds and tornadoes can break limbs, and cause trees to lean or fall. If you have a tree emergency, we can send our tree emergency response team to take care of the issues immediately.

Why Choose Us

If you have a diseased tree, you need a tree expert. That’s exactly what our ISA-certified arborists are. We’ve been helping Argyle residents and property managers treat diseased trees for 15+ years, and we can help save your tree too.

Our Commitment to Quality

While we love trees, we love the people of Argyle even more. We want to save your tree while providing you excellent customer service that exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to become your trusted partner for all your ongoing tree care needs.

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