Are Your Trees Sick? Here’s How to Tell

Date July 03, 2023


Author TreeNewal Staff

You’ve raised your trees since you first planted them. Over the years, you’ve seen them grow from tiny stalks to sturdy giants. They seemed to be healthy, but now you’re not sure. Fortunately, according to Zippia, there are 8,444 arborists, or tree doctors, in the United States. Before you call one, here are some signs that your tree is sick:

You See Abnormalities in the Tree Bark

When you look at the bark of your trees, do you see any discoloration, flaking, moistness, or weeping? Since the bark plays a big part in protecting your trees from the elements, you should pay close attention to the state of it. Otherwise, if the bark winds up getting too damaged, you need to contact your local tree doctors or you could have injured, or even dead, trees.

You See Dead or Weak Branches

Are the branches of your tree cracking, drooping, or dry? That could indicate that there has been a lot of damage done to it. Snap the branch. If it makes a dry snapping sound, that means that the branch has died. Having dead or weak branches isn’t just dangerous to the health of the tree; you could be put at serious risk, too. A large branch could fall and hit you, causing injury or worse. Get rid of the dead branches as quickly as you can. Your local tree doctors in your area can help.

You See Dying or Wilted Leaves

Have you noticed that the leaves on your trees are falling off even when autumn is still pretty far away? That might be a sign that it’s in ailing health. Prematurely wilting leaves are a sign that the tree isn’t getting the nutrition that it needs, or it may be falling victim to insects or rot. Your local tree doctors can get to the bottom of this issue very quickly.

It’s important that you pay attention to the appearance and state of your trees. Otherwise, you could find yourself having to plant new trees a lot sooner than you would like to. If you are diligent, you can have your trees around for decades or longer. If your trees are looking a little weary than usual, or even if you’d just like a check-up on your trees, reach out to TreeNewal today for more information.