How Trees Help The Environment

Date April 28, 2020


Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees are essential to human life. Many trees have existed for thousands of years, constantly repopulating and replenishing the oxygen supply of the earth. Trees also supply vital crops and herbs that can be transformed into medicine.

Needless to say, trees are valuable to communities. This is why trees are still planted in municipalities. Trees do have a noticeable impact on property values because of their towering beauty.

Nonetheless, trees are being cut down in droves everywhere, usually for commercialization purposes. In any case, trees are vital to the environment. If you are considering adding them to your property, you can do so for the following reasons below.

Trees Improve Health

Trees have canopies that serve as natural filters for pollutants and dust. A single tree can eliminate up to 1.7 kilos of pollutants every year. Trees also provide meaningful shade for people and can absorb noise.

Trees also offer medicinal qualities to companies that can manufacture pharmaceuticals. For example, the oil from birch trees possesses antiseptic properties. Extensive studies prove that being surrounded by trees can lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels.

Trees are a part of nature, and many people venture out into nature regularly to wind down and keep themselves relaxed.

Trees Enhance Wildlife

Trees are homes to thousands of microhabitats. Inside of trees, there are several microcosms that are beneficial for communities. Young trees offer homes and sustenance to wholesome communities of birds, insects, fungi, and lichen.

Older trees offer habitation for bats, woodpeckers, and owls. In fact, a single oak tree can house more than 500 different species. This is why national parks are keen to preserve wildlife to protect certain species from extinction.

Trees Strengthen Communities

Trees carry a distinctive character in communities. Not only do trees drive property values and curb appeal, but trees also are great to look at. Urban trees can be used as an educational tool to bring communities together.

Trees are ideal for children to unlock their sense of adventure and imagination. Being a part of communities for several generations, a community just doesn’t look the same without trees present.

Trees Reinforce the Economy

People are typically attracted to live and work in areas where trees are present. Research proves that trees can cause a 5-18% increase in house prices. Companies profit from a happier and healthier community if there are trees and parks nearby.

This is why municipalities and communities strive to grow trees and create parks where people can enjoy them. Central Park, in New York City, is an example of how a park is one of the most visited, beloved, and iconic places in the world.

Trees Provide Clean Air

Trees are well-known for producing oxygen. People need oxygen to survive. Since the human population is steadily increasing, growing more trees and protecting existing ones is extremely important.

Also, urban areas produce high amounts of pollution, which can poison the air around us. With more trees available, more pollution can be eliminated across the world. Trees, in their simplest form, make the world a better place.

Trees Provide Immense Comfort

Trees can regulate surrounding temperatures to create desirable climates in neighborhoods. For this reason, trees have been used for decades in all types of communities, both urban and rural.

Foliage from trees can provide a necessary windbreak in communities to reduce store damage and protect people from rainfall. As natural umbrellas, trees keep people comfortable and safe from natural elements.

How to Grow Trees on Your Property

Depending on where you live, there are certain legal parameters concerning the growth of trees. This means you can’t grow any tree you want, mainly because unideal conditions can kill the tree and pose a safety risk.

In order to grow the right types of trees for your property, you should contact an ISA-Certified Arborist. This individual is a tree surgeon that specializes in guiding property owners on how to make the right decisions regarding tree life.

Therefore, if you want to make the best decision on what tree you should plant on your property, hiring a certified Arborist is your best decision. It’s important to select a highly-experienced Arborist who is knowledgeable about rendering expert consultation.

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