5 Trees Native to Texas That Thrive in the Dallas Area

Date March 06, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

The warm Texas weather accommodates dozens of tree species, making parks, forests, and yards throughout the state ecologically diverse. Central Texas has a humid subtropical climate, and many trees find their homes in its sunny heat. In this blog post, we’ll talk about five trees native to Texas that thrive in the Dallas area.

Escarpment Live Oak

Image via Flickr by zebulon.walton

The escarpment live oak — also called the Texas live oak — is a common Central Texas tree. A massive and sprawling tree, its long limbs provide a wide range of shade on sunny days. According to the Aggie Horticulture website, the escarpment oak has a very high heat tolerance and a low water requirement, making it ideal for surviving Dallas summers. Often as wide as it is tall, it has a height of up to 50 feet and a maximum width of 40 feet.


Image via Flickr by USDAgov

Pecan trees are native to many areas of the Southern United States, including Texas. According to the city of Austin, they can be particular about their location, but they reach high heights when properly placed. In deep, moist soil, pecan trees thrive and grow up to 70 feet tall. Besides their sweet, buttery nuts, their towering branches also offer ample shade. It is also the state tree of Texas!


Image via Flickr by Joshua Tree National Park

The mesquite tree is a Central Texas mainstay with a long and unique history. A Mesquite Trail brochure from the National Park Service details the tree’s rich history in the state, which started as far back as the ice age. Since then, the beautiful mesquite tree has dotted the Texas landscape, leaving behind its sugary pods for making sweet treats like cakes and jellies. More of a shrub in stature, it takes up just a little space but attracts a lot of attention.

Mexican Buckeye

Image via Flickr by sloalan

Another small but mighty Texas tree, the Mexican buckeye produces bright blooms each spring. It first shows off a pretty pink flower, which eventually gives way to its namesake buckeye seed pod. In the fall, their green leaves change to a striking yellow. The Mexican buckeye tree is popular throughout Central Texas for its manageable size, low maintenance, and ornate appearance that complements any outdoor aesthetic.

Bald Cypress

Image via Flickr by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Midwest Region

The bald cypress is a beloved native tree that graces the wetlands of Texas with its distinct look. As a type of redwood tree, the bald cypress features a pyramid-shaped lower trunk that becomes tall and thin as it grows to its maximum height of 120 feet. According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, it often lives for up to 600 years, although some have survived for over a millennium.

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