Argyle’s Essential Tree Care Tips for Every Season

Date November 27, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

When the weather changes, so do a tree’s needs. There are many ways to prepare for each season to ensure trees receive effective care to stay beautiful and healthy, no matter the weather. Since tree care varies between seasons, it’s helpful for property owners to learn about all the options available for ensuring their trees get what they need year-round. This article shares a few tips for seasonal tree care in Argyle, including how TreeNewal can help property owners keep their trees in great shape.


Image via Unsplash by Patrick

It’s no secret that Texas summers can be brutal for trees and other plants because of the intense heat and extended droughts. There are a few summer tree care tips residents of the Lonestar state should keep in mind. For example, mulching trees during the summer increases moisture retention around their root systems, ensuring they get water and nutrients during the hot summers. Pests and tree diseases appear during Texas summers, so property owners should check their trees and use preventive treatments and chemicals to ward them off.


Many trees experience high growth levels during the spring, so water is critical. Knowing how to water a tree effectively is vital, as it’s easy to overwater or underwater. For most trees, thorough watering once a week in the spring is sufficient to promote healthy growth without drowning the root system in too much water. If the spring is especially hot, property owners can increase this to twice a week or whenever they notice the soil around their trees is especially dry.


During the fall season, it’s common for trees to focus less on producing leaves and more on expanding their root systems. Property owners can give their trees some extra love by applying fertilizer in the fall, allowing the enriched soil and water to absorb into the root system, which will be working at full power to grow and feed the tree.


While Texas winters can be mild, there’s always the potential for a spontaneous cold front. Since the milder climate of winter allows trees to grow and rest, it’s the perfect time to add enriching solutions to the tree care routine to protect them from the dangers hotter seasons can bring. For example, using a horticulture oil, such as dormant oil, during the winter can be a preventive measure that fights off pests and tree diseases that may appear during the spring and summer.

Let TreeNewal Keep Your Trees in Tip-Top Shape All Year Round

Use these exclusive tips to ensure your trees get the tender love and care they deserve, regardless of season. If you want an expert’s opinion on pampering your trees, work with a professional tree care company like TreeNewal. Consult with one of our ISA-Certified Arborists to determine what your trees need, and our team of tree doctors will take care of the rest. Whether your trees need soil enrichment, pest control, or trimming and removal, TreeNewal is ready to take on the challenge and keep your trees luscious and healthy.