What to Look for in a Reputable Dallas Tree Company

Date July 07, 2023

Author TreeNewal Staff

Trees can be expensive to replace. So homeowners need to use a qualified arborist to help care for theirs. But how can they know which one to pick? This article shares a few tips for what to look for when searching for a reputable Dallas tree company.

Verify Their Reputation

Image via Pixabay by terski

The internet makes it easy to research a company’s reputation. Online customer reviews can tell a lot about a company. Rather than only looking at their overall score, paying attention to how many reviews the Dallas tree company has is essential. A poorly run company could still score a 4-star rating now and again, but one with thousands of customers singing its praises would be a better choice than one with no or poor feedback.

Check For Experience

Homeowners need to hire a Dallas tree company that’s been around for years. Even if it touts certified arborists, if they don’t have any experience in the field, another company would be a better choice. Longevity shows that a company provides good quality customer service in addition to expert tree care. By now, the business has also likely outgrown any start-up issues, which usually means a smoother experience for everyone.

Choose Only Certified Companies

There’s no state licensing board for arborists in Texas. However, ISA-certified arborists have more training than those without certification. This designation sets companies apart and demonstrates their commitment, dedication, and knowledge of all aspects of arboriculture. A tree care specialist must renew their certification every three years to maintain their credentials.

Ensure They’re Bonded and Insured

Tree work is dangerous, and even the most skilled arborists can get hurt. A reputable tree company will have a general liability policy in case something unfortunate happens, as well as a surety bond. This contract will help protect the customer if they need to file a claim against the business.

Discuss Their Services

Not every tree company in Dallas provides a full roster of services. It’s important to discuss any expectations with the owner or manager before hiring their team. Many trees in Texas’ harsh climate need additional care beyond the basic trimming and pruning, such as disease management, fertilization, soil evaluation, and aeration, so knowing what a business can do from the start is vital.

Get an Estimate

Tree care can get expensive, so getting a quote before committing is important. Even if the company checks all the other boxes, its services may be unaffordable. Homeowners should get estimates from several tree care businesses to compare prices. They can then choose the one that offers the total service package, quality, and expertise within budget.
Hiring a reputable Dallas tree company, such as TreeNewal, ensures homeowners have access to service for any landscape. Whether it’s a private residence or a commercial site, we’re committed to our customers and their trees. Our ISA-certified arborists do it all, from trimming and pruning to tree removal. We strive to make a difference by improving the health of trees and saving landscapes. Contact the team homeowners trust.