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At TreeNewal, we offer Westlake homeowners and commercial and public property managers with a full range of tree services. We’ve been caring for North Texas trees for 15 years and intimately know the trees that grow in our area. We have the experience and know-how to assist with any tree care needs you may have.

Our full range of tree maintenance services includes Westlake, TX tree trimming, tree cutting, tree installation, tree removal, and providing you with our tree emergency response team when you need them most. Whatever need you have of your home or property’s trees, we’ve got you covered.


About TreeNewal

At TreeNewal, we’ve been caring for North Texas trees like the ones you find right here in Westlake for 15 years. Our founder started TreeNewal after growing up with a father in the landscaping business. Developing an early love for trees and natural landscapes, he went on to study their care so he could provide professional tree services to Westlake, Texas homeowners and property managers.

While we love everything about trees, your safety is our #1 priority. We’ll always make decisions on your trees’ care with yours, your family’s, and your guests’ safety at top of mind, which include trimming dangerous limbs out of season or suggesting tree removal if a tree is diseased or impeding on an area of one of your property’s structures.

Simply put, you can trust us here at TreeNewal to care for your interests. With ISA-certified arborists on staff, we have the experience and expertise to make the best decisions possible for your trees’ care.

Our Services

From tree installation to tree removal and everything in between, we offer Westlake, Texas homeowners and property managers a full range of tree services to care for the trees on their properties.

Westlake, TX Tree Trimming:
Did you know that to promote proper growth, your trees need to be trimmed every year? However, tree cutting needs to be performed properly and at the right time of year to promote proper tree growth. We know all about the trees that grow here in Westlake, Texas, and when to trim them to ensure their health for years to come.

Tree Installation:
Planting new trees may seem like a fun do-it-yourself project until you discover all the science and technical details behind getting the job done just right. Let us take care of planting new trees on your property for you, or transferring existing trees to new locations. We know exactly how to plant and transfer trees so they’ll grow strong and healthy in their new locations.

Tree Removal:
Sometimes trees just need to be removed. It may be because they’re diseased, or because they pose a hazard to the people or structures on your property. Other times, outdoor home improvement projects such as extending your backyard patio or installing a deck require tree removal. We can help you with this important task and make sure the job is done correctly.

Tree Emergency Response Team:
Storm damage, diseased limbs, and broken tree limbs can all cause hazards to the people and structures on your property. Because safety is our #1 priority, we provide a tree emergency response team to take care of urgent tree needs that may arise throughout the year.

Why Choose Us

We know you have a choice when it comes to choosing an ISA-Certified Arborist to care for your property’s trees. We hope you’ll choose us because of our 15-year experience caring for North Texas trees, our commitment to quality and customer service, and our vast knowledge about trees that grow and thrive in our area.

We Promise You The Best

Our goal at TreeNewal isn’t to simply meet your expectations, but to exceed them. We want to develop a relationship with you, as we have with our hundreds of existing local clients, so we can be your trusted partner that cares for your trees for years to come.

From our passion for trees to our love of providing you with the best possible customer service, we’re here for you for all your Westlake, Texas tree maintenance needs.


Discover the difference in working with an ISA-Certified Arborist. Call us today to learn more about our services at (817) 533-8438. Alternatively, you can reach out to us by filling out our online contact form, below.


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