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Tree Disease Or Damaged Tree?

Tree leaf spots are a telltale sign that your tree has a tree disease. In Texas, our trees can suffer from both fungal and bacterial infections. If you notice spots on the leaves that are falling on your ground or driveway, your tree needs its tree health assessed by one of our Westlake tree doctors, who are ISA-certified arborists. Alternatively, damaged trees that have already suffered limb loss commonly need our tree surgeons to remove all damaged limbs for tree safety and reshape the tree’s canopy to make it aesthetically appealing. In either case, TreeNewal is here to help.

About TreeNewal

TreeNewal was founded out of a love for the people and trees in Westlake, Texas. Our founder, Jorge, grew up in the local landscape business and fell in love with the Texas outdoors at a young age. After going to college and becoming an ISA-certified arborist, he formed TreeNewal to provide tree maintenance and emergency tree services to homeowners and property managers in the Westlake, TX area. Today, our ISA-certified arborists have 15 years of experience caring for local trees and assessing tree health.

Our Services

We’re a proud partner to many Westlake homeowners and property managers. All year long, we provide a variety of tree maintenance and emergency tree services to those in need of our help.

Our service offerings include:

Tree maintenance for annual tree care needs including tree pruning and trimming, tree nutrition, air spading, and tree mulching.

Tree doctors to evaluate your tree’s health when you suspect your tree has a tree disease.

Tree surgeons to remove dead limbs from damaged trees to make them safe for the people and structures on your property.

Tree emergency response team to care for trees that have fallen or sustained heavy damage after storms.

Tree removal for trees that are beyond saving or otherwise need to be removed to make room for new structures on your property.

Tree surgeons remove dangerous limbs, such as broken limbs on damaged trees that pose threats to the people and structures on your property.

Tree removal for when a tree is too damaged or diseased to be saved, or when tree removal is needed to make way for new structures on your property.

Why Choose Us

We’re local to the Westlake, TX area, and we know all about the trees that grow here and the common and rare issues they encounter. As ISA-certified arborists who have 15 years of experience caring for local trees, we can help you save unhealthy trees, repair damaged trees, and maintain your trees throughout the year.

Our Commitment To Quality

There’s nothing quite like Texas hospitality when it’s done the right way. Our goal at TreeNewal is to provide both excellent tree care and unbeatable customer service. We don’t want to simply get the job at hand done, but get to know you and become your trusted resource for year-round tree maintenance.


Whether you suspect you have a damaged or diseased tree, we can help. Call our Westlake tree doctors today at (817) 533-8438 or fill out our contact form to get in touch.


Our ISA-certified arborists are here to help

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