The Importance of Proper Tree Trimming in Dallas

Date February 22, 2024

Author TreeNewal Staff

Regular tree trimming is one of the best ways to maintain the health, safety, and appearance of trees. In North Texas, it’s essential to trim trees each year to prevent disease and keep them strong. This article outlines four benefits of routine tree maintenance. Homeowners can contact TreeNewal to schedule tree trimming in Dallas and the surrounding area.

It Ensures Safety

Image via Unsplash by David Vig

First and foremost, tree trimming helps keep properties safe. A dead or diseased branch has a higher risk of falling from the tree, especially in strong winds or severe weather. When those limbs fall, they can cause significant property damage — or worse, injuries to homeowners and their family members.

That said, tree trimming can come with its own set of safety risks. It’s best to hire an experienced arborist to prune dangerous limbs and branches. Our certified arborists make safety their top priority, following the regulations and standards of the International Society of Arboriculture. Dallas homeowners should schedule routine tree trimming with TreeNewal to protect their properties and loved ones.

It Improves Tree Health

Trimming can improve a tree’s health and extend its life span. Overgrown trees with diseased limbs spend most of their energy on healing. As a result, the trees become weaker and stop growing. Tree trimming removes dead, dying, and diseased limbs so trees can focus their energy on healthy growth. In time, those same trees will produce more blooms and lush leaves since they now have greater strength and stamina.

It Prevents Disease Spread

When even one limb becomes decayed or infected, the rest of the tree is at risk for disease. Tree trimming removes dead and diseased limbs before they have a chance to create bigger issues. If left untreated, disease will spread, putting the tree at risk of death or decay. That’s why it’s essential to treat problems early, trimming dead or diseased limbs so the infection doesn’t spread further.

It Improves Landscape Aesthetics

Brown, overgrown, and decayed trees can bring down the appearance of an otherwise lovely landscape. By routinely trimming their trees, Dallas property owners can improve the aesthetics of their yards. In addition, tree trimming can ensure the grass, flowers, and plants below a tree get plenty of rain and sunlight to grow properly. Trimming can also ensure homeowners get the best views of nearby scenery, such as ponds or lakes.

When To Prune Trees

It’s best to trim trees during the dormant season. The Arbor Day Foundation recommends pruning after the coldest part of winter to promote healthy spring growth. If pruning in the summer, homeowners should wait until after the completion of seasonal growth.

The best time to prune can also depend on other factors, such as the tree species or severity of decay. When in doubt, property owners should contact a certified arborist to learn whether it’s safe to trim trees.

When it’s time to schedule tree trimming, Dallas homeowners can contact TreeNewal. Our ISA-certified arborists have extensive experience in trimming and pruning trees to maintain their health and vitality. For more information, contact us online or call 817-329-2450.